Free Fashion Challenge, only a few days to go!

The participants in the Free Fashion Challenge: a mix of fashion students and professionals, including AMFI teachers Ernestine Koelman, Nannet van der Kleijn and Frank Jurgen Wijlens.

It has been almost a year since 30 fashion addicts stopped buying clothes for a year. Over the last decades fashion has become more and more about consumption; fashion became fast fashion and clothes have become disposable. Aim of the project was to find out what the meaning is of consumption within the definition of fashion – since the participants were not able to shop, they had to be creative in order to be part of fashion.

It has been quite a struggle for some of the participants throughout the year and not all fashion addicts made it to the end. The Free Fashion Challenge got good publicity throughout the year and the website has been a popular read. Next to that about a hundred people applied on the website to participate in the Challenge for a certain period.

On November 11 the Challenge will end with an intimate get together in the byAmfi store and a second generation may then start for their year of non-shopping.The results of this huge shopping detox will be published after November 11; the experiences of the participants may later on be published in a book as well. We will keep you posted!

Facebook event page.

Founder and AMFI-graduate Laura de Jong about the Free Fashion Challenge in an article of Dutch magazine HP-De Tijd.



AMFI-teacher Frank Jurgen Wijlens had an Xtreme Challenge: wear a different outfit every day.

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