GARMENT connects underwear with your own desires and fantasies

Glad to notice you’ve found your way to our little bubble on the internet. With GARMENT 2019, The Underwear Issue, we found a way for you to splash into your daydreams. For a moment we take you to the realm of self-exploration and tactile explosions.
Underwear are the items of clothing we wear closest to the skin. This makes us share an intimate relationship with them. Yet we tend to let that relationship be manipulated by the mass media. Think about examples, such as body positivity and the rise of the fitness freaks. Eventually, they’ll have an effect upon your opinion and state of mind.
GARMENT connects your underwear with your own desires and fantasies. This unexplored playground is the ultimate world to represent in a fashion magazine because we believe that underwear is the most fundamental layer for self-expression.
GARMENT 2019 will have an immersive launch event on the Veronica Schip, the 27th of June from 7PM to 11PM. The event will feature live illustrations, a Virtual Reality experience and a chance to buy the freshly printed GARMENT Magazine. But above all, you can meet the team and celebrate the birth of this new issue with us!

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