Garment: your editorial wardrobe

As the sun slowly starts to shine, we are working extremely hard to create the AMFI magazine ‘Garment, your editorial wardrobe’. This is being created by 46 international students from the Independent Fashion Magazines programme at AMFI. Nine teams each created a concept magazine and one was chosen to be published worldwide on the 6th of July.

Garment is a magazine that discovers the wonderous world of a singular piece of clothing in every issue. The first issue dives into the skirt. The process of creating this product for the real world is a tough cookie. This time around we don’t have a second chance. Does this visual translate the exact aesthetic we want it to? Does that word exemplify a term more accurately than the other? Do we prefer indigo blue over iris? It is the nitty gritty information that is key to creation.

Slowly the magazine spreads are starting to take over the walls, as examples of text and image add on to the final magazine that we will finally hold in our hands. The final steps of creating were a mix of stress and excitement. Are all the shoots in order? What goes on the cover and are all the texts in line with each other? All these elements have to be  in perfect order for a satisfactory smile to appear on our faces at the end of every long workday, and when we say long, we mean it. Most of the students were kicked out of school around 21.30 every weekday. Now that is a taste of reality school.

Some of the magazine and yearbook team members got the chance to see our hard work come to life when they had a guided tour at the printers. Stacks of paper spreads that will soon form a slightly conceptual form of a magazine and yearbook in one. We are extremely excited to present our Garment magazine. For more information please log on to

About the author: I am Suzanne van Heerde, a 4th year Fashion & Branding student at AMFI living in the Hague. Next to my study I do a lot of styling, photography and I’m the co-founder of Splitternakt Vintage.

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