Get to know a bit more about AMFI’s new director, Dirk Reynders.


“I’ve never wanted to be part of an inner circle of any scene. I’ve always been an outsider looking to question and subvert”


By Loeka de Vries

Maybe you can introduce yourself, give a fun fact, anything you would like the students to know about you. 

So, my name is Dirk Reynders, and I like dancing, music, fashion, arts, media, design, photography, gender, lifestyle, film, branding, education, management… These are my interests and also my inspirations and hobbies. I try to combine them on every level of my professional as my personal life. These characteristics make me who I am, besides that I am a passionate, optimistic and positive person.


What was your first Impression of AMFI, like what stories did you hear or what idea did you have about the school?

 Everything I heard was true, it is an amazing school, a passionate team, a real family; the AMFI family. It is one of the best schools in the world. The programs being offered are unique, the approach is really different comparing it to other programs. AMFI offers the total range of the fashion context.


Before you became the new director, you were a visual communication teacher, program leader of the international master profile intercultural Media & Innovation and head of education of the art department. Would you say you can use any skills you gained from those that you can use here at AMFI?

 I hope that I can use my previous experiences to build further on the amazing concept of AMFI.


What interested you in being AMFI’s director?

Several reasons. My interest in fashion of course, but also my aim of positioning AMFI within the top 3 of the best Fashion Schools in the world.


Is there anything you would like to improve at AMFI?

I am rephrasing this question. I want to strengthen and encourage the already present passion and ambition of the students and teachers.


Lastly, what is something that you want students to know?

My door is always open for questions, debate, answers, inspiration.



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