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The world needs fantasy, not reality. We have enough reality today. – Alexander McQueen


Alexander McQueen is known for his extravagant and dramatic style. His rebellious designs shocked and inspired people around the world. At AMFI, we all carry a bit of Alexander McQueen’s vision in us. Finally, it is time to expose our admiration and pay homage to the great designer. The very first AMFI gala will be held under the stars of Alexander McQueen. On February 1st., we will transform the Koepelkerk into a magical place where we will celebrate our community. The DJ and a welcome drink will assure you the perfect start for the night.



This gala is especially for AMFI students, created by AMFI students. However, we understand if you want to celebrate the night with your lover or best friend who is not studying at AMFI. Make sure they get the tickets.


Since we believe in doing good for others, our highlight is the collaboration with COC Amsterdam.  COC Amsterdam is a LHBT+ community that strives for equality, emancipation and respect. The Non-Profit Organization is the first and biggest organization, celebrating its 73th year now.


Together, we want to make a statement, where people can be free and dress how they want.It is time to shake up the young generation with the harsh reality, truth and history – in order to celebrate and respect the freedom we have right now. This gala is here to celebrate us, everyone. By joining us and buying the tickets, you will support COC Amsterdam – where volunteers are working hard to strive for change for good.

Find your inner McQueen outfit and buy your ticket in time. They are limited – see link. Make sure to buy your tickets in time.








8AM – 2AM

Dresscode: Alexander McQueen


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