Graduate Carolina Bammert ready to leave the AMFI nest

The 12th edition of the annual AMFI graduation event Fashion Transit showcased a wide variety of designs and installations – the graduation work of 150 Designers, Branders and Managers. We met with one of our talented Fashion Managers, Carolina Bammert. She reflected on her time at AMFI and looked forward to things ahead.


Interview by Annika Langhammer, First Year International Fashion & Management


Carolina Bammert, International Fashion & Management Graduate AMFI

Carolina Bammert freshly graduated the International Fashion & Management course at AMFI.


You just successfully graduated Amfi with Cum Laude – Congratulations! Looking back, what will you never forget from your time at Amfi?

“I think that is quite a hard question! Amfi offered us a lot of opportunities – for me the chance to go abroad probably remains the highlight. I did my minor in Toronto, Canada and my Specialization in China. I got to attend a language course in Hong Kong before I worked for a Dutch private label company in Guangzhou. It was interesting and eye opening, as I gained an insight into the production process.”

Four years later… What was your most memorable moment?

“Thanks to Amfi I was able to collect many memorable moments and achievements during the last four years. I really liked the trip to Istanbul in the second year. It was such an amazing experience because it was the first time that I saw what really happens until the product is finished. I got to learn how production works and it definitely helped me understand where the product ‘clothing’ comes from.


Factory visit in Guangzhou, China

Factory visit in Guangzhou, China


If you consider Amfi’s influence, how did your perspective of the fashion industry change?

“Honestly, I don’t think it majorly changed my perception, but indeed I feel like Amfi made the fashion industry more accessible for me. What improved my knowledge was visiting factories during my International Production Specialization in China. You get to know what problems occur during production and how to solve them.”

What is your graduation project about?

“I did my graduation project in cooperation with an international widely-known sports brand. The idea for my graduation project was offered to me while working for the brand. It is about objectifying fabric hand feel, in order to make it measurable: An examination of correlations between human tactile perception and machine generated data of running shoe upper materials.”

Why is this topic so important for the fashion future and why is it  special to you?

“If this machine works properly, a respondent can be fully left out. Consequently, a lot of time and money can be saved. Also it allows a quicker development of the whole product which provides a big competitive advantage for the company.  All in all, this system can potentially tell how the consumer will perceive the fabric on the market and how successful the product will be. For me this project consisted of a lot of experimenting. I liked it because I basically invented a new approach as nobody has been out there working with the machine in the way I did.”


Looking back, you have been working on your final project quite some time. Was there a key learning point for you during your project? Is there any advice for future graduates to do differently?

“At Amfi it has been important to know how to structure the workload. There has always been a bit of guidance with workshops and toolshops, but with your graduation project you are basically alone. What I learned is that structure is key. I suggest to make a good plan and to not be afraid to change it along the way! Set goals weekly! Once you achieved one it is important to relax a little- your mind will thank you later!”

You just finished studying, what will be your next step? Have you already made plans?

“I will be doing a master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship either in Amsterdam or Berlin. The reason why I continue to study is mainly that at Amfi I missed some business knowledge and depth into topics I am interested in. Also I want to widen my knowledge and explore what other things are out there and combine my knowledge.


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