Graduate Archive

Through the years we have collected a series of images from final projects across the three disciplines Design, Management and Branding. The collection will expand every year whilst we welcome a new generation to the professional fashion industry. Each of the images is also printed as a collectible postcard.These postcards are available at AMFI.


Nike Zuilhof

Fashion & Branding

Graduation work: SHOW OFF- is an alternative fashion platform for multidisciplinary fashion presentations. The platform brings the first phase of creation, final presentation and sales all together – with the purpose to realise a new ‘fashion cycle’. A ‘fashion cycle’ that aims to truly support the next generation of fashion designers from start to finish, to convert their talent and creations in sustainable profits. SHOW OFF- is created as a(-n alternative) proposal for Amsterdam FashionWeek.

Concept, Art direction & Set design:  Nike Zuilhof

Photographer: Bram Spaan

SHOW OFF- Manual, Concept Photoshoot & Process book on Kennisbank.



Elly Jin-Li Pan

International Fashion & Design

Graduation work: Having grown up in a Western society with a Chinese background, DOUBLE HAPPINESS is the representation of Elly’s bicultural identity with a focus on showing the richness, and essentially the beauty of the Chinese cultural heritage from both worlds. By adding personal ingredients of her childhood nostalgia, the final result is a playful, witty, and at its core, a simple Chinese womenswear collection.

Models: Gia-Tinh Lam & Faye DamenPhotographer: Liselotte Fleur Make-up: Martyna Pluta Hair: Munkhjargal Altantugs

Graduate 2016


International Fashion & Branding

Femke Huurdeman

Fashion & Branding

Graduation work: The short fashion film features the playful Spring/Summer 2015 collection of Dutch designer Maaike Fransen and takes the collection’s ethos as its starting point. In the film we follow Pippin, a young boy with a mission to make the lives of many people a little brighter.

Photographer: Bibian Bingen

Pippin and the Pursuits of Life on Vimeo.
Winner ‘Best Use of Fashion’ Berlin Fashion Film Festival
Official Selection La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 2015


Juliette Sijnja

International Fashion & Branding

The fashion film “On the List” is a parody of the “Circus of Fashion” surrounding the current-day fashion shows. At the same time it’s an ode to the nostalgic romance and lavish distaste of the vintage circus. The film follows the humorist struggles of an eager fashionista to enter a prestigious show. How far will she go to end up front row?

Photographer: Elina Abdrakhmanova
Concept & Styling: Juliette Sijnja

On the List on Vimeo

Collection film presented at David Paulus Cirque du Vogue S/S 15 show Amsterdam Fashion Week.



Stefanie Schellwies

International Fashion & Management

Graduation work:

The image depicts a trend cartogram mapping the trend of enlightened femininity. Stefanie’s thesis analyses the evolution of the Postmodern, Conscientious Woman of the 21st Century, recommending how fashion brands could adapt or begin a retail concept suited to these new insights.

Thesis and retail concept on HvA Kennisbank


Yvonne Kwok

International Fashion & Design

Graduation work: In Roman times people believed that creativity was not seen as a talent of an artist but as a gift from a deity. This concept mocks the classic beauty of a marionette, “a person who’s in service of someone else”. The bombastic use of colour caricatures the grotesque body, fleshy neoprene reinforcing the whole nonsense. The use of cardboard emphasises the handcrafted element of this paper doll, her strained strings referencing the restrictions within the fashion system where pressure plays a major role.

Photographer: Denise Boomkens
Make-up: Anita Jolles

G-Star Raw Talent Award for Kwok at Lichting 2012

Yvonne Kwok Fashion-Design


Stefanie Suchy Fashion-Branding

Stefanie Suchy

International Fashion & Branding

Graduation work: Stefanie’s thesis is an ethnography of an urban dance subculture, concluding her non-traditional approach to target audience research can be read as a guide by streetwear and sportswear brands. This image was shot for a collection of the Icelandic brand Nikita, and features international snowboarder Gabby Maiden.

See the trailer of Stefanie’s documentary film TRUE STORY on YouTube.

Thesis concept book and True Story Film Portrait on HvA Kennisbank.

Feelin’ Friday on Cargo Collective.


Suzanne van Rooij

International Fashion & Design


Graduation work: Photographed for a feature in Odd magazine titled ‘Delicatessen’, Suzanne’s graduation collection ReVeil unites the interfaces of the dichotomies that exist within the relation between cloth and culture. Rooted in the principles of cloth, characterised by colour, form and material, and culture, defined by customs, ideas and behavior, this collection aspires to create synergy between the differences that are so inherent to being human. Think of the intangible planes that unite and separate tradition and the unknown, the common and the exotic, history and the future, reality and dreams, manifested in tangible forms that sculpturally cocoon the body in stiff yet malleable silk organzas in many shades of blue and white, revealing human skin that is etched by its human complexity.

Photographer: Monique Teunissen

Suzanne van Rooij Fashion-Design


Robbert Wefers Bettink

Fashion & Design

LinkedIn | Dick Moby

Graduation work:

Robbert’s collection was inspired by German artist and pedagogue Joseph Beuys (1921-1986).

Everyday objects become art, the collection’s silhouettes and layering reflecting the blurring line between reality and high culture.


Anneloes van Osselaer

Fashion & Design

LinkedIn| Not Just A Label

Graduation work: Her collection Spuk & Grusel for young men is inspired by the increasing appreciation of the paranormal. The mysterious, dark and even creepy androgynous silhouettes reflect the shape-shifting volumes of the supernatural. Shoulders as broad and long as a bat’s wing, airy lightweight materials reminiscent of ghosts – Osselaer gives the wearer a new world to explore.

Anneloes wins Lichting 2008

Anneloes v Osselaar Fashion_Design


Paulina Seropian Fashion_Design

Paulina Seropian

Fashion & Design


Graduation work:

A portrait taken just before graduation for Goud magazine. Paulina’s model is wearing a piece from a specialisation collection, a contemporary interpretation of fashion at the turn of the 18th century. Turning garments inside out, she examines and traces the lines of the body to form a new silhouette. The deep décolletage coupled with simple holland lawn fabrics captures the fin-de-siècle movement towards neoclassical tastes.


Merel de Haan

Fashion & Design

Graduation work: For her collection Misfits, Merel was inspired by psychologists Jean Piaget and Gustav Jung, and by visual artists John Currin and  Thomas Grünfeld. The unpredictable pattern elements evocative of the Rorschach inkblot test are a signature. Intuitively fusing the visual, the theoretical and the inspiration sources has led to a collection personifying the feeling of subtle psychological alienation.

Photography: Tjipke Meijer
Hair: Chris Ranzijn
Make-up: Lotte Veenbrink
Model: Marijn Wigman

Merel de Haan Fashion_Design