Graduation, the climb; Transit, the pinnacle

The highest point of one’s AMFI career is simultaneously one’s last, here it is- the culmination of four years of hard work, passion and a whole lot of personal growth. The Transit event is the proverbial final mile that all AMFI-students have to walk on their way to professional freedom. We interviewed three of this year’s newly minted fashion graduates.

Excitement and champagne; the Transit exhibition showcases the best graduation projects from the three specialisations. The industrial hall of the World Fashion Centre is filled with pure eye candy. Juliette Sijnja represents the Branding department with a quirky film for Dutch fashion designer David Paulus. ‘His circus collection echoed my passion for silent films and vintage circus. But alongside the visual aspects of the theme, I also parodied the celebrity circus of people who are famous for being famous’, she says. The Minor Visual Culture in the fourth year was her first step into the world of the moving image. ‘I’ve challenged myself with the fashion film since the first half of my AMFI-career focused solely on writing.’ Presenting the film to the Transit audience means closing a chapter, or perhaps not: ‘While I was working on the film I said to myself: never again. But I am bored already.’

Juliette Sijnja  AMFI Fashion & Branding

International Fashion & Branding graduate Juliette Sijnja.

It is only an hour ago that Lisi Herrebrugh’s models paraded down the runway in outfits embellished with fake lashes. ‘My graduation collection is inspired by albinos in Africa, who often feel looked at and threatened’, the designer explains, ‘I wanted to create an army that stands up for them, that preaches a different beauty ideal- the beauty of being different.’ During her internship at Viktor & Rolf, Lisi discovered and developed her design signature. ‘They taught me that discipline leads to process, progress and result. It was a helpful reminder when I spent night after night sewing these outfits.’ But the sleep deprivation doesn’t end at Transit: her collection has been selected for the Lichting show during Fashionweek Nederland (as has the collection of Design graduate Lotte van Dijk).

Lisi Herrebrugh AMFI Fashion & Design Graduate

Fashion & Design graduate Lisi Herrebrugh.

Cum laude Management graduate Lisa Schneider also puts a final check in her AMFI career. Fascinated by the second semester’s theme of sustainability, Lisa wanted to give one final wink to her favourite subject. ‘Everyone dropped the Cradle to Cradle concept soon after they learnt about it and I was fascinated why people and companies alike do this’, she explains. ‘I wanted to make the entire idea more attractive to people who don’t know about it.’Lisa’s project aims to help brands tackle the ‘greenophobia’ consumers have about sustainable products. ‘Basically it’s a guideline to mainstreaming sustainable fashion.’ One advice for future graduates: ‘Don’t be afraid to fail and try new things, school is one of the few places you can do that.’

AMFI Fashion & Management

Fashion & Management graduate Lisa Schneider.

Want to know more about this year’s hottest fashion talent? Visit and order your copy of our annual independent fashion magazine and yearbook. Didn’t make it to this year’s graduation celebration?  Click through pictures of the catwalk show and exhibition, or watch the livestream of the AMFI Transit catwalk show.

AMFI Transit Expo Hall - foto by Joris van Egmond (2)

Text by Jade Wilting, 2nd year Management student and Eveline Koppejan, 2nd year Branding Student. Photos by Joris van Egmond.

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