Great love doesn’t come easy

A reflection on first year, by second-year International Fashion & Branding student Hannah Woods.

We students all feel the passion for AMFI every day. We work hard, and we love what we’re doing. I dare to say AMFI is probably the most serious relationship we will ever engage. Our significant other challenges us constantly, and from time to time the line between love and hate may feel thin.

AMFI students at work in the Koetsier-Montaignehuis library.

Just another day at work at the library in AMFI.

‘What I love about AMFI? I love the small building, the coziness and intimacy, I love that we are all somehow doing something different, but we are all connected through fashion’, says Anis, first year international Fashion and Management student. I can see her tired eyes sparkling. Perhaps it wasn’t love at first sight for everyone, but anyhow it was love. AMFI encourages you to be yourself, lifts you up and gives you tools to experiment with your identity. In here, you are free to be whatever you like – there might be gossiping, but there’s no judging.


A collection of inspiration images from Hannah’s first-year on the excursion to Berlin.

Well if it won’t work here, I can still sleep on the streets’ said one girl outside the building after getting back her inspiration book. One part of me wanted to sing, ‘everything is gonna be alright’ – but the other part decided not to. First of all, it wasn’t the right time to quote a song and second I wasn’t 100% entirely sure about that.


Flashback to compiling the inspiration book – first year Joannes at her working spot.

I asked my fellow second-year students to recapture the Inspiration Book and there are a few answers I find relatable to the plight of any first year AMFI student:

‘I was just lost, first it was really hard for me to understand what they want, but now I understand – it is all about telling a story and if it fits you will be fine.’

‘Sometimes it is a struggle between who you are and what they want you to be.’

‘I remember nights of total frustration and desperation.’ (my favourite)


I was surrounded by a sea of post-it notes and paper (left) and the end result reflected sometimes my stages of desperation (right).

There are always going to be times where you find yourself crestfallen and in a desperate situation, lacking inspiration, and as hard this may sound – ‘that is how it is’. My first year has been an emotional roller coaster. I had my fair share of troubles understanding what is expected but also what I should expect. Recalling the Inspiration Book makes me laugh a little. You could see I was a first year: glue everywhere, even in my hair, eyes showing lack of sleep, and a steady diet of M&M’s. ‘Honored’ to resit the inspiration book, I felt close to an emotional break down. I had to realise mistakes happen to be learned from and in the end, ‘everything is gonna be alright’.

It’s a tough relationship, needing 100% attention, and you might not always feel worthy, but the love is real. “AMFI is all or nothing” is our mantra. Great love isn’t supposed to be easy.

AMFI Inspiration Book - students working at The Student Hotel

A shot from The Student Hotel from Kertu Serikov: AMFI students were here.

Kertu Serikov - AMFI Inspiration Book First Year

2nd Yr. Int’l FBer Kertu Serikov also reflected on chaos in her Inspiration book .

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