Honours show- August 24 @ Posthoornkerk

After sixteen weeks of hard work, twelve Honours programme students showed their beautiful creations last week. The location was a historical one: the Posthoornkerk in de Haarlemmerstraat. The neo Gothic building made the runway show an impressive one. Each student showed 3 creations, ranging from black silhouettes to colourful creations .

All pictures are made by Studio Bowi.

Oilily Verbeek

More info: oililyverbeek@nullhotmail.com

Maud Op ‘t Land

More info: maudoptland@nullhotmail.com

Iris van Wees


More info: irisvanwees@nullgmail.com

Merel van Marken Lichtenbelt


More info: mereldanst@nullgmail.com

Kate Boiko

Shadows of forgotten ancestors

More info: kateryna.boiko.nl@nullgmail.com

Ruth Hamelink

More info: ruthhamelink@nullhotmail.com

Boudine Ottevanger


More info: boudineottevanger@nullgmail.com

Wannes Akop

More info: wannes_akop@nullhotmail.com

Ysatis Haumahu

Du kleine popschen, immer hier

More info: ysatis_haumahu@nullhotmail.com

Ciaran Mac Domhnaill

“Dress suitably in short skirs and strong boots, leave your jewels and gold wounds in the bank, and buy a revolver” Countess Marklewicz, Dublin, 1915.

More infoon Ciaran’s website.

Juris Efneris

There must be revolution in terms of social evolution

More info: juris.efneris@nullgmail.com

Marie Lamberechts

Belief relief

More info: marie.lamberechts@nullhotmail.com