IFFTI 2017 – The future of fashion is collaboration

AMFI hosted IFFTI, the annual conference of leading fashion schools worldwide. The 2017 theme was ‘Breaking the rules’ and AMFI students  reported on the events. Branding student Natalia Pazicka was present at the last public talk at the conference by Pascale Moreau from the Sustainable Apparel Coalition SAC.


Pascale Moreau explained that already over 200 brands from 77 countries joined SAC and work with the Higg Index. Photo by Joris van Egmond.

The eloquent speech by Pascale Moreou gave us insight into the model Higg Index started by Sustainable Apparel Colition SAC in 2012. A model that encourages us challenge the system. It is a global harmonized industry standard for measuring and improving sustainability among the whole industry while showing brands the  importance of a conscious supply chain and take a lead in sustainable innovation.


This model can be used by everyone in any part of the chain of the fashion industry – including the consumer.

Incorporating over 200 brands already, Higg Index is growing exponentially. “Competition in sustainability is over, it is about collaboration” says Pascale Moreau in the first few minutes of her talk, giving us in the audience the strong message to not leave anything for only ourselves, as there is no time for that anymore. She uses relevant examples of Adidas and Nike, who are rivals in the market. They explore the behavior among their environmental viewpoints and the willingness to share their sustainable practices.


It works almost as a facebook – one brand can be aware of others brands responsibility and so on.

The program is meant for everyone in industry, even its consumers, helping them choose products based on trusted information. While in design you can find the best process, choose the best materials, all to have a good, responsible product that decrease our footprint. This helpful tool is becoming a leading collaboration platform of trusted information and a strong voice for a step forward. The message cannot be clearer as an urge for it is growing: “Sustainability- that is a must-have driver for a change”.


Article by Natalia Pazicka. Photos by Joris van Egmond and Natalia Pazicka.


More info on the Higg-Index can be found at:

The Higg Index