iNDiViDUALS: balance between creativity and commercialism

Last week iNDiViDUALS presented the new collection during a intriguing show. We spoke to three students to find out how the harmonious collection was created within 20 weeks.

Article by Stephanie Barbian, 2nd Year International Fashion & Management. All photos by Team Peter Stigter.


iNDiViDUALS is a specialisation programme that fuses the three programmes offered by AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute: Design, Management and Branding. Every season a new generation of students  develop the brand further. Each individual from each department is responsibly working according to a specific job role, constantly trying to respond to the Zeitgeist and aiming for a balance between creativity and commercialism.

Right before the show: making sure the models enter the catwalk in the right order.

Right before the show: making sure the models enter the catwalk in the right order.

Individuals Generation 22 presented its A/W 2017 Show on Wednesday January 25th at Loods 6. It was an impressing presentation of an inspirational collection showing a mixture of the 90’s grunge movement, the roaring 20’s era and the current Zeitgeist. Three Specialisation students Danique Grosjean (Fashion & Branding), Faralda Boerwinkel (Fashion & Design) and Mandy Muijs (Fashion & Management) shared their experience on working for iNDiViDUALS and especially of the making of Generation 22.


Starting with your concept idea: “3 am – what a time to be awake” what is behind it?

Mandy: “3 am – what a time to be awake. When it is 3 am and you find yourself in your bed asking yourself what the reason is for you to be awake, being annoyed and frustrated whilst at the same time you could be dancing in the club having the time of your life. There is a contradiction in your mind.”


What is the source of your inspiration and how did you implement it in the collection?

Faralda Boerwinkel: “The presented A/W 17 collection was inspired by the 90’s grunge movement and the roaring 20’s era. For us – both of these times matched in a way, in a way both of them were free and rebellious. Those feelings combined make the aesthetics of the collection. The 20’s dropped waistline and the iconic flannel shirt from the grunge movement are clear references we used. We clashed them with the current Zeitgeist.”


In what way does your influence/specialisation of department come back in the current collection?

Danique: “The branding team has the focus on the concept together with the design team and then develops it to the end. Next to that the branding team is generally concentrating on bringing the outcome to the outside world, to the public.”


Models in line: the Show is about to start

Models in line: the Show is about to start.


What are the responsibilities within the three departments?

Faralda: “For Design in general, we all have our main job role on which we focus the most, which might be a Fabric Manager, Trimmings Manager, Accessories Manager, Print Manager, Studio Manager and Collection Manager. You are the spokesperson of your own job.”

Mandy: “Within Management, everyone takes care of production. So, you will be responsible for two styles from the previous collection, as well as two styles from your own Generation’s collection. When design created the pattern, it is in your responsibility to develop it further. Next to that, each Manager also has their own job role, e.g. General Manager, Production Manager, Sales Manager, CSR Manager or Finance Manager.”

Danique: “In Branding the division is bigger, there is the corporate identity but also seasonal concept within your own Generation. Concerning the seasonal, we can be creative and free in making decisions. While the corporate identity always needs to fit the image, since the corporate identity makes the brand recognizable. When the process begins, the branding team stays as a group while each of us thinks and acts in their own job role until owning It completely after the concept phase.”


Managing behind the scenes

Managing behind the scenes


What was your biggest challenge while being a part of iNDiViDUALS’s Generation 22?

Mandy: “Communication was a challenge throughout working on Generation 22. Each individual thinks in a different way, especially when differentiating between the departments. Some things might appear logical to the Management students, which will result in a lack of communication, since the Design and Branding students might not know too much about it. It takes time to figure out how much knowledge each department has.”

Faralda: “You are aiming for doing everything as perfect as possible due to working for iNDiViDUALS, a real brand but at the same time you are still in the learning process what means that you cannot do everything perfect. That can be really frustrating.”

Danique: “I get what Faralda is saying, as for me the biggest challenge was being in between reality and school. You work in a real company, but you still have to realise that you are still at school as well.”


Generation 22 - job well done! Amfi Individuals A/W17/18 © Team Peter Stigter

Generation 22 – the fruits of a semester of hard work.


The work Mandy, Danique and Faralda and all other 22 other talented AMFI students resulted in a successful and exciting A/W 17 show. The concept called “3 am – what a time to be awake” was converted into an experience on the runway by moments of storytelling, flickering lights and lively tunes balanced with the presented collection. Generation 22’s achievement is truly inspirational for prospective Generations.  More info on programme, as well as on the current and previous collections you can find at



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