iNDiVIDUALS Generation 17 – the last mile

The last few days of generation 17 have begun and there is only one day left before iNDiViDUALS presents its S/S 15 collection. Robin van der Aa, third-year Branding student reports on the last week of preparations being made before the show on July 3rd at Mediamatic.

‘Even though our time to shine is almost here, we’ve still got a lot of work on our hands. The invites for our event have been sent out and the confirmations for attendance are streaming in. Meanwhile, the last arrangements for the show are being made. Final touches to finish unique pieces are being made, as are price calculations for eventual garment sales and the line-up for outfits and models for the catwalk show. Additionally, we freshly finished an amazing photoshoot together with photographer Marc Deurloo. It went so well that we decided to share this experience with you through a short behind the scenes video. Watch a sneak preview of the iNDiViDUALS S/S 15 collection here:

Are you curious to see more of the collection? Luckily for you this season we have been busy following up on the previous generations’ key focus: accessibility. Now more than ever before, we are reaching out to our fellow AMFI-students, bloggers and iNDiViDUALS fans. We are thrilled to share our collection with you. The S/S 15 show is open to students, friends, family as well as our VIPs, industry and press. On the third of July we will present out new work in the remarkable lightness of Mediamatic in Amsterdam.’

image-blogpost copy They’re not there just yet, but with less than 24 hours until showtime, all loose ends are nearly tied and knotted. The nineteen iNDiViDUALS students are proud to share with you what they have accomplished this season. Tickets for the iNDiViDUALS S/S 15 collection show are now available here. Hope to see you tomorrow, the show starts at 17.00! [And at 17.00 when the show starts, the doors close, so make sure you’re on time!]


Video by Karissa Bell.

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