This season a very special collaboration took place at the headquarters of iNDiViDUALS. A team of students from MediaLAB Amsterdam was assigned by AMFI to use new media to innovate the catwalk experience at Amsterdam Fashion Week.

S/S14BY21 collection presentation. Photo by Peter Stigter.

For the final collection presentation iNDiViDUALS played with the familiar components and created an experience through sound, space and atmosphere. The models walked around the guests, who stood in the middle of the Transformatorhuis. This setting called the traditional role of spectator and model into question. Not only were the roles reversed, but the front row disappeared as well. Each and every guest could choose his or her own place to stand.  AMFI spoke to an iNDiViDUALS student and two MediaLAB students about this unique event and their collaboration.

Sound briefing at Amsterdam Fashion Week office.

Martine Coehorst, 3rd year Branding student, iNDiViDUALS. ‘My job within iNDiViDUALS was Event Manager which means I was responsible for all events, including the final show. Fortunately for me, I did my internship at Amsterdam Fashion Week before joining iNDiViDUALS. Although there were sometimes funny situations, it was easy to arrange things with my old colleagues. What was new for me with the MediaLAB students was sharing the collection’s concept, because they weren’t really familiar with working with a story. Yet, after a few weeks of collaboration they became real specialists and connected the right sound professionals to get the desired end result. That’s why I was able to focus on the details of the whole experience, which made the show reach spectacular heights!’

Kimberly Waldbillig, Master student New Media, University of Utrecht: ‘Working with iNDiViDUALS gave me the opportunity to experiment with sound. Finding a way to have the most impact on the AFW runway was challenging but in the end really satisfying. The ‘wave field synthesis’ machine, which can spatialise sound via 192 speakers, strengthened the emotions of the public. The use of audio in this way was really innovating in the area of new media during Amsterdam Fashion Week. The collaboration is a milestone for us and for our schools as well. I hope more students get to have this kind of experience in the future.’

Myrthe de Smit, Master student Design Cultures, VU University Amsterdam: ‘As a student Design Cultures, with a background in Media studies, I know that fashion design and new media produce meaning and both have a story to tell. So we really wanted to combine these two mediums to generate a more powerful message than in any other fashion show. What we found during this project is that usually new media is used as a visual spectacle during design presentations of big fashion brands. For us the goal was rather to underline the emotion during a fashion show and use the story of the iNDiViDUALS collection to create an overall more meaningful experience.’

From left to right: students Marissa, Justin, Nina, Dewi, Kimberly, Myrthe and Dion.

The sound system was provided by The Game of Life foundation, the soundscape composed by the International Soundlings Collective. The music and sound were made possible thanks to a collaboration with MediaLAB Amsterdam, an initiative of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the University of Amsterdam.

Do you want to see all pictures of the show? Visit the iNDiViDUALS website.




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