fashion is a global industry


International Degree programmes AMFI

Fashion is a global industry. That is why AMFI offers all its graduation specialisations in English as well as Dutch. 25% of AMFI students follow the English language programme. Together they represent over 54 different nationalities. Visit our official page on the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences website for information on application.


International network

AMFI has a broad international network and wants its students to develop such a network themselves. They are offered international study trips, exchange programmes with partner institutes abroad and the possibility to do internships in foreign countries. All this enables them to work their way successfully into key positions in the fashion industry. Within AMFI’s broad international network we set up collaborations and discuss innovation in the curriculum. We share ideas and knowledge as well as developing collaborative research projects.

Read more about our 2014 collaboration with Fashion Colloquia here.


Member of IFFTI

AMFI is a member of a worldwide education network, the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI). This guarantees the internationally-recognised high standard of the programmes and also facilitates the exchange of students with many institutes around the world.

Within IFFTI AMFI holds a place on the Executive Committee. IFFTI focuses on educational development and research in the areas of fashion design, technology, business and related fields. The organisation comprises 46 members from 19 countries. Member Institutions participate in the Annual International Conference and collaborate with each other in bilateral agreements and many other professional development activities.

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Member of IAF

AMFI is a member of the International Apparel Federation (IAF) and Chair of the IAF Education Committee. The IAF is a global network of national apparel associations and representatives of related businesses. Their main focus is on exchange of market information regarding trends in international trade and on technological developments. Within the IAF there is currently increasing attention being paid to socially responsible business. The IAF convention, which is organised in a different country each year, provides a global platform for exchange of information within the industry.

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