Interning at Volt is expecting the unexpected

Regina Sepp, a third-year Branding student, is living the dream in London; the epicentre of alternative fashion. Her internship at Volt Magazine includes assisting Nick Knight and meeting Adam Green. ‘If you show enough initiative, you could be doing anything.’


Regina enjoys interning in such a vibrant city to the fullest.

With piles of carefully curated magazines in the corner of Regina’s room, the choice for an internship as ‘Editor’ was a no-brainer. ‘I am always on the hunt for new magazines with unexpected content. Volt magazine does everything slightly different. It is, for example, printed on B1 size paper and unbound, so that you can hang the photographs as posters on your wall.’ Besides writing for the bi-annual print edition, Regina creates content for the digital platform and posts on social media.


There is no such thing as an ‘average working day’ at the office of Volt.

Regina notices that an internship at a smaller company can have major influence on your responsibilities. ‘Their independence creates more room for the creative instead of the commercial elements’, she explains. ‘The team is relatively small, which gives me the opportunity to be involved in most of the aspects of the company.’ Her new work environment also feels more intimate than expected. ‘I realise now how small the fashion world in London actually is. I’ve gained a lot of useful contacts thanks to my internship.’


One of the digital editions of Volt Magazine.

Interning at Volt is expecting the unexpected. ‘A working day is like a blank canvas. When I walk into the office in the morning, I never know what I end up doing. The average working day simply doesn’t exist.’ Over the past few months, Regina got the chance to assist photographers Nick Knight and Rankin during shoots and reporting from London Fashion Week. ‘It was complete madness. I was attending four shows per day. I really got the insight, a lot of inspiration and the chance to improve my photography qualities.’


Regina captures catwalk looks from Topshop during Fashion Week.

The most memorable moments can only happen when you step outside your comfort zone. ‘Writing interviews has been challenging, since I am more a visually oriented person. The first time I had to lead an interview was nerve wrecking, but it got me into intriguing conversations with music artists as Adam Green, Fionn Regan and Suns.’ Regina still has two months filled with challenges left before she exchanges London for Amsterdam again. We wish her all the best!

Text: Eveline Koppejan, 2nd year International Fashion & Branding student.
Photos: Regina Sepp



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