Interview Graduate Fashion & Branding – Roos Bodewes

Before leaving AMFI, Branding graduate Roos Bodewes sat down with us to talk about her AMFI past and her fashion industry future.

Written by Sarah Friedman


Congrats! You succesfully survived four intense years at AMFI! Looking back, what is the most memorable period of your AMFI career?

“Previous to AMFI, I attended a dance academy so I was not really sure what to expect. During the first weeks I realized it was not going to be easy. Starting off with the prototype project made me want to leave, but inspiration book assured me that AMFI was right for me. It revealed my affinity for imagery. Although, I heard many horror stories about graduation, it was my favourite project. Being able to envision my own ideas, doing what I am best at and being able to execute it was incredible.”

Graduation project image: Sienna Peters, the model was chosen to represent the brand due to her independent appearance.

How have you developed as a fashion professional over the past couple of years?

“Reflecting back makes it easy for me to identify my strengths: branding, trend research and art direction. Besides these skills I managed to plan my time well and was able to stimulate myself every day to work on projects even though the feedback was not always positive. Throughout my projects a clear visual style can be identified, clean and minimal. Copenhagen, the city I lived in during my exchange helped me to develop this style and gave me new insights.”

Shop environment image: An additional accessories line was designed where the objects double as an art piece and as exercise equipment.

You graduated with a concept called “Fashion as an Artform”, could you tell me a bit about your project?

“For the luxury brand Céline I developed an activewear line. My interest for sport was the starting point. Subsequently two trends inspired the concept: the blurring boundaries between functionality and fashion as well as health being the new reference point to measure one’s wealth. Doing research made me notice that Céline and activewear brands have similar values due to their use of innovative materials. Constantly reinforcing Céline’s highly aesthetic approach whilst keeping ultimate functionality in mind was the the main goal. This specific collection was inspired by Ellsworth Kelly, an artist famous for his use of primary colours and his emphasis on lines and forms. A colleague of mine and art school student shot the visuals. During work we had been exchanging our creative ideas resulting in the ability to sense one another. There was a certain artistic chemistry going on.”

Now that you are leaving AMFI behind you, where could we find you in the future?

“At the moment, I do not have a specific plan yet. I am going to apply at multiple companies, that focus on trend forecasting or art direction. Eventually, I would like to obtain an art direction position since this fits well with my skills, but for now I am going to work on getting more experience in the fashion field.”