It’s X-MESS time

Last Saturday by AMFI presented the new store concept ‘X-MESS’. Inspired by the season, the concept team of by AMFI came up with a new way of looking at Christmas.

No picture perfect display this year, instead by AMFI misplaced a weird looking angel in a forest, and covered a bright red table with broken plates and shattered glasses. A total mess, but still very stylish. Lisa Wilts, a member of the concept team: ‘It was our intention not to show a fancy sparkling Christmas tree and pretend this years Christmas will be perfect. Because it never is. This is not to act like a Grinch, but to create a positive vibe around Christmas celebrations going wrong. Since the clearest memories of these celebrations are often the burned turkey, screaming kids and flaming Christmas ornaments.’

All the clothes and accessories in the store have been created by AMFI students and graduates. Sam Engelhard helped finding these designers and worked in the sourcing team to put the collection together: ‘Each designer was able tell his or her own story. At the same time all the clothes form a wonderful unity. The centerpiece, made by Design graduate Sladjana Pengic, was chosen because of the angelic white colour and her idea that it’s not a problem if clothes crinkle or get dirty. That is the result of every situation they encounter and is part of their memory.’ Fun fact is that the by AMFI team was first aiming for Sladjana’s fur coat. Eventually they didn’t get it because Lady Gaga’s styling team beat them to the punch.

Orpheo Jungst, by AMFI’s Store Manager, was very pleased to see how well everything worked out: ‘ This was the first concept created by this years new team. These are second year students from all of the AMFI departments and we are full of ideas for the year to come’. Sipping on a glass of Fiorito Limoncello we enjoyed a fun evening while admiring the carefully chosen pieces.  It’s wonderful to see how inspiring a true (X-) mess can be and we all have our wish lists ready for the upcoming holidays!

Text written by Mary Bouwense, 2nd year Fashion & Management student. Images by Regina Sepp, 2nd year International Fashion & Branding and  Mary Bouwense, 2nd year Fashion & Management student.

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