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One morning after a birthday party Joanne was drowsily rounding the corner by the pasta sauce in Albert Heijn when suddenly she encountered none other than Frank Wijlens. Moments from the minor Fashion Magazines from seven years ago flashed back in before her eyes. Then she heard the words ‘byAMFI’….

Joanne Zonderland became store manager at byAMFI just before the summer holidays. The Curaçao native has been very busy with the new concepts and collections being launched at Spui 23. Her first weeks already found her helping new pieces of iNDiViDUALS SS15 find loving owners and launching both Waiting Room with her second-year team and WeAreStuart with the minor Fashion & Editorial Branding without a hitch.


WeAreStuart launch at byAMFI.

Joanne studied Fashion & Design at AMFI and graduated in 2010 at 28 years old. A drawn out study period was a no-brainer when she was able to take an internship in New York City. Shortly thereafter she landed a job as a stylist that took her to Hong Kong one week and Los Angeles the next. Her little black book began to fill up with ‘household names like Shoshanna and Audrina Partridge. She got into private-label accessories styling and started making collections for brands like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters.


Joanne toasting in byAMFI to completing AMFI’s 2011 Free Fashion Challenge.

In this period of time abroad she describes herself as a sponge: ‘anything that seemed interesting to me, I wanted to learn. There was so much stimulation, there was never time to be bored.’ The lifestyle of Los Angeles grew on her and piqued her curiosity in interior decorating. She just started off by photographing things around the house and soon was practiced enough to make it into a profession.

Her other passion: writing. She spent a lot of time researching people who compose short stories about everyday things. Titles that have had her rolling on the floor laughing include ‘things I’ve learned from the women who dumped me’ and ‘I don’t care about your band’ (Joanne’s Facebook friends look forward to her weekly ‘Overheard in Amsterdam’ posts).

After having lived out her dreams on both coasts of North America, she sought a more sustainable work/life balance. This brought her back to her beloved Amsterdam to finish her studies, and start writing a book of semi-fictional short fashion stories. Now she’s back among the usual suspects, waving at her former teachers as they cross paths in the hallways. Welcome to byAMFI Joanne! asked Joanne to update us with the following need-to-know info:

Name: Joanne Zonderland

Nickname: The funniest to-date must be ‘Zoolander’. This was someone at my internship who didn’t bother reading my name well.

Wearing now: My favorite sand sweater, boyfriend jeans that have never been my boyfriend’s, and espadrilles I bought for 1 euro in Bologna.

Designers to watch: I used to watch Ashley Paige, but where’d she go all of a sudden? I usually like whatever Leandra Medine recommends. She’s such a style guru.

Favorite song from the 90’s: Anything by Natalie Imbruglia and Lisa Loeb. That was real girlpower.

Fondest AMFI student memory: going on a trip to Istanbul and making lifelong friends.

Favorite ice cream flavour: Not a fan. Rather have a hot dog.

Hidden talent: I can mimic an air horn.

Biggest pet peeve: People who talk loudly on their phone. They are literally everywhere. On bike lanes, in supermarkets, in doorways. And I can’t hear the voices in my own head when outsiders reach that many decibels.

Places to see: Curaçao. Over and over again. And the byAMFI store.

Secretly loves: Rainy weather in Amsterdam.

Article by Fashion & Branding lecturer Kimberly Waldbillig. 

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