“Just do you!” – First year students talk about their interim assessment

The first semester at AMFI is over. During the last months the first year students got an intense insight into the fashion industry. They learned to sew, to make technical drawings, to research styles and to find sources of inspiration. In the last week of the semester, they had to show their suitability to the fashion industry by presenting their portfolio and personal development to teachers and second year students within an interim assessment.


Article by Janna Hämpke.


After passing her interim successfully, Jeanine, a first year International Fashion and Design student, is absolutely relieved. She found the preparation for the assessment quite nerve-racking as she didn’t know what she could expect. “You have no classes on the assessment. So this time, you really have to do it by yourself”. But after starting nervously in her assessment she recognised the relaxed atmosphere in the room quite quickly. “It is more like a graded mentor meeting where you talk about everything what you have done so far. It is all about telling your own story.” While preparing the assessment she noticed her personal growth over the months. Despite personal struggles she looks back happily at a stressful but also pleasant first semester. With a smile she says that the most important thing at AMFI is “Just do you” and everything will find its way.


photo 1

Jeanine presented an artfully designed jacket made of plastic during her assessment.


Melina, a first year student of “International Fashion and Management” had a similar experience during her interim assessment. Before her assessment she felt badly prepared and she was afraid of talking about the wrong things in her presentation but afterwards she is amazed by the informal atmosphere during the assessment. “If you really reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, if you are honest with yourself and if you prepare your dummy carefully nothing can go wrong.” She enjoyed the freedom that AMFI offers to its first year students. “Fashion is like an individual lifestyle. If you stand behind the things that you are doing, you can do everything at AMFI.”


photo 2

Melina’s portfolio: An elegant and simple website.


Claudia, Anastasia and Isabel study “International Fashion and Branding” at AMFI. The three girls really liked the preparation of their interim assessment and their portfolio although it was a time-consuming process. “If you had to do a resit in your reflection weeks you have the impression that you are behind the schedule for the preparation of your portfolio and your interim assessment. So it is always important at AMFI that you focus on good time-management and honest self-reflection. Reading the manual to know what you are expected to do, is also quite helpful.”
After their first semester they are convinced that studying at AMFI is quite intense. All three girls have recently graduated from high school. They recognised a huge personal process during the last months. “The work at AMFI can be very challenging sometimes. If you have a problem, it can be hard and frustrating but you always have to push yourself and find solutions by yourself. Getting in AMFI is one thing, working at AMFI another!”


photo 3

Isabel’s portfolio: Playful experiments with various colours, textures and materials.

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