Lisette Vonk – 3D Body Scans EditieNL

Lisette Vonk - Fashion Technology Lab - Amsterdam Creative Industries

On Thursday 11 February our Lab Coordinator Lisette Vonk was featured in a segment about virtual fitting rooms on Editie NL, a popular prime time Dutch news programme.

Lisette is a member of the lectorship Fashion Research & Technology and next to her teaching work with students and researchers, leads the coordination of research using 3D body scanning techniques.

Using 3D body scans allows us to virtually model how garments fit and move. Lisette and her team are continuing work to virtually measure and model how the properties of fabric affect the fit of a garment.

Watch the segment starting at 10:00 into the episode.

Lisette Vonk - AMFI HvA Lab Coordinator 3D Bodyscanning

Virtual Fit with Size Stream Body Scanner - Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Using avatars to fit clothing - HvA

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