LOVING PRINT:10 Years of AMFI Magazine at Foam

On 6th July we not only launched our 2013 Magazine Garment, we also celebrated the 10th issue of the AMFI magazine in style with an overview of the decade exhibited at Foam Museum Amsterdam.

The new AMFI magazine Garment is being sold at the Foam bookshop.

Okay, we admit: we are only a side dish of the exceptional exhibition of fashion photographer Edward Steichen, but exhibiting the work of the 317 students that participated in our magazine programme over the last 10 years at the same moment in the same museum, feels a bit as if the AMFI students are the legacy of Edward Steichen.

Actress Mary Heberden, 1935 © Edward Steichen / Courtesy Condé Nast Publications, photo exhibited at Foam.

At the museum all ten issues of the AMFI magazine are exhibited, as well as our 3 iPad magazines and a movie that celebrates the ten years of this exceptional project. You can also see the covers of the 65 unique magazine concepts that formed the base of the AMFI magazine as we know it today and that is something not many people have been able to witness – ever!

65 unique magazine concepts created by students over the last 10 years.

Both the Steichen exhibition and the AMFI magazines are at Foam Museum until September 1st, so you know where to go on a rainy day this summer!

The iPad magazine of Odd (AMFI magazine of 210).

The movie that celebrates the ten years of our Independent Fashion Magazine programme.





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