MA Fashion Enterprise Creation Team

The two-year MA FEC programme provides ambitious entrepreneurs the foundation, skills and structure to start and successfully operate a fashion enterprise.

We have brought together a team of highly skilled educators and industry professionals to support our fashion entrepreneurs in every way possible. Our team is one way we keep the programme innovative. The team constantly seeks ways to link creativity, business, technology, research and fashion.

Leslie Holden, MA (RCA)

Head of MA FEC

Leslie Holden, MA (RCA)

Following a commercial career in design, Leslie has been the head of the Fashion & Design department at AMFI for the past ten years. As the head of the MA FEC, his primary responsibilities are to oversee all operational aspects of the programme, including budget management, curriculum development, admission, faculty recruitment, partnerships and collaborations.

Sabine Niederer

Sabine Niederer PhD

Oscar Raaijmakers

Oscar Raaijmakers MA
sourcing and production


Lori DiVito PhD
intellectual property

Mariangela Lavanga

Mariangela Lavanga PhD
cultural economics


Angela Kilcoyne BA

Karin Folman MA
Brand strategist & Design manager


Quentijn Wulffers MA
trend research


Mikki Engelsbel MSc
Programme manager


Christiaan van Dokkum MA
digital skills

Anoesjka Timmermans

Anoesjka Timmermans MSc
entrepreneurship & innovation

Sean Chiles

Sean Chiles BA (Hons)

Irene Maldini

Irene Maldini MA, PhD candidate
design & sustainability


Maaike Feitsma PhD
fashion culture


Yolet Wefers Bettink MA
supply chain management

constantin 200

Constantin von Maltzahn PhD
research methods, marketing

Casimir Morreau

Jean-Casimir Morreau MA
process & leadership

Philipp Schüller

Philipp Schüller MA
commercial design 

Sandra Kuijpers

Sandra Kuijpers MPhil
virtual prototyping

Arjen Hemelaar

Arjen Hemelaar, MA
business educator


Stella Walker MA
design management


Faculty and Staff

To provide fashion entrepreneurs with all the tools, skills and expertise they’ll need to start and operate a successful company, we’ve brought together teaching professionals who are the best in their respective fields.

Mentors and Advisors

Every startup needs support. Our team of mentors and advisors are experienced in developing business models, finding the first customers and accelerating growth.

Matthijs Critee

Matthijs Crietee
International Apparel Federation

Fatma Sener

Fatma Sener
Dutch Chamber of Commerce

Susie Breuer

Susie Breuer

Danielle Wanders

Danielle Wanders
Het Praktijkbureau

Bert van Son

Bert van Son
MUD Jeans


Harald Friedl
Circle Economy

Anne Marie Commandeur

Anne Marie Commandeur
stijlinstituut amsterdam


Jeanette de Wolf
Creative and commercial consultancy

Ed Bouwmans

Ed Bouwmans
Claassen, Moolenbeek & Partners

Stefan Siegel

Stefan Siegel
Not Just a Label

Ed Bouwmans

Ed Bouwmans
Claassen, Moolenbeek & Partners


Jose Teunissen
London College of Fashion

Roland Kahn

Roland Kahn
Cool Investments B.V.


Mariette Hoitink
Meester Koetsier Foundation

Jury Members

At two key moments in the programme, our fashion entrepreneurs pitch their company to the Jury. This panel is made up of seasoned investors and other heavyweights in the fashion industry.

Partners and Community

Why start a fashion enterprise in Amsterdam? We’ve got valuable network of partners and are part of a larger community of successful entrepreneurs. Come find out what you’ve been missing.

UAL London College of Fashion

London College of Fashion

ACE - Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship

Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship

Amsterdam Economic Board

THNK School of Creative Leadership

Not Just a Label

Not Just a Label


Fashion for Good


Fashion United

Circle Economy


Lectra PLM Solutions


ClickNL Next Fashion

De Clinic

De Clinic


World Fashion Centre