MA FEC – Frequently Asked Questions

What other costs are related to the master program?

Apart from the tuition fees there are costs involved in the introduction week, excursions and books. Good to estimate around 600 Euro’s per year.

Do I need to run all aspects of my business by myself?

No, it may be more entrepreneurial if you don’t. You can collaborate with partners, buy in services, or hire employees for specialist areas.

When does the programme start?

The Master of Arts programme in Fashion Enterprise Creation starts in September 2020. There is a possibility that the programme can’t start in September due to a limited number of registrations in Studielink (<100). For more details, please contact our student desk via .

Where can I find the application form for the MA FEC?

You can apply for the MA FEC via Studielink. In the confirmation e-mail, you’ll receive a link which will lead you to the application form and where you can continue the procedure.

Is there an application (processing) fee?

No, there isn’t.

What's the official title of the degree I earn?

The title of your degree on your diploma will be Master of Arts.

What Bachelor qualifications do I need to apply for the programme?

You need a Bachelor’s degree in studies such as Fashion, Business, Economics, Creative Industries, Graphics or other fields of study which which the admission committee believe suitable to the application. A specific grade point average (GPA) is not required.

What level of English is required for non-native speakers?

You need to have completed your education in an English speaking country or institution,
or submit proof of an IELTS score of 6,5 or:

TOEFL (1) Paper: 575;
TOEFL Computer: 232;
TOEFL Internet: 90;
TOEIC (2): 720;
Cambridge ESOL (3): CAE – C

(1) Test Of English as a Foreign Language.
(2) Provided the candidate has passed both the ‘Speaking and Writing’ and ‘Listening and Reading’ components.
(3) English for Speakers of Other Languages.

Is there a diploma verification process?

Yes. Soon after having registered through, you will receive an email from the HvA Central Student Administration office  (CSA) asking you to submit a number of documents, such as:

  • An ID, Passport or residence permit that is valid at the date the programme you are applying for starts (not a driver’s license);
  • Diplomas of your previous educations, secondary, results entrance exams if applicable and bachelor diploma with;
  • Transcripts (grade lists);
  • If applicable: your Diploma supplement;
  • Sworn translations of all the above documents if not in Dutch, English, French, Afrikaans, Spanish or German;
  • Diploma Assessments of other institutions, e.g. from the Nuffic, the Colo, International Diploma Assessment (idW) or other educational institutes;
  • A copy of your IELTS or TOEFL certificate and grades if you are not a native English speaker or if your education did not take place at a 100% English speaking institution
  • for Chinese diplomas please include a Nuffic-certificate;
  • for American and Canadian diplomas: an original Official Transcript (this will be made available by your school at your request)

Am I admitted based on my application alone, or is there an admissions interview?

Apart from a validated diploma, you will be admitted if both your application assignment and the (Skype) interview are deemed sufficient.
On the application form you can state your preference for an in-person or a Skype interview.

Can my initial business plan change once I start developing it in more depth?

Yes.  If your research shows a change of direction is needed to be successful then your plan can be adjusted.

Do I need investment money?

Yes.  Your business plan should identify how much you will need and when you will need it.  Investment money can be your own or from other sources

Do I need to pay the yearly tuition fee of €8500 all at once?

For terms of payment see the AUAS FAQ’s about payment of tuition fees.

Are there any scholarships available?

Please check if there is anything for which you are eligible!

You can also apply for the Amsterdam Talent Scholarship.

How do I know if my bachelor diploma gives access to the master FEC?

Answer: Not all non-Dutch bachelor diplomas are considered equal to European bachelor diplomas. Please check the level of your diploma at: to see if your diploma is adequate.

Choose: the English version in Tab on top of the page, then: diploma recognition > evaluation of foreign diplomas > country> foreign education systems > check level of your diploma against a Dutch one.

Are there costs associated with obtaining a visa for the Netherlands?

How does my status as student and business owner affect my visa?

It doesn’t.

Does the university offer preferred options for personal housing in Amsterdam?

Yes, it does, see this AUAS webpage with more information.

When do I need to settle in Amsterdam?

Housing in Amsterdam is difficult to find. If you arrive early your chances are better. Apart from housing you need to organize a resident permit,a  bank account, a Citizen Service Number, and your health insurance, etc. This all takes time. To allow yourself a good start in Amsterdam we recommend arriving 3 weeks before the programme starts.

Does the university offer preferred options for workspace in Amsterdam?

Yes, we’re working on this. See:

Where can I find an academic calendar with start and end dates and holidays?

For the overview of “lesson-free” weeks  see the academic calendar:

Do I need to participate in the introduction week?

In the MA FEC we consider each student group as a professional learning community and a hub for start-ups. You will begin your master  with an introduction team week. During this intensive week activities are combined with training and workshops which introduce the core values and  activities of your study. This introduction week is important and therefore a compulsory part of your learning. The week is worth 1 ECT and starts August 27, 2018.

Additional Questions?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch via email: