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For over ten years the 20-week minor programme Independent Fashion Magazines at AMFI gives 35 students the unique opportunity to conceptualise and create a new fashion magazine that has its own style and visual language. This year the first pilot of the new minor was launched: Fashion & Editorial Branding.


The  programme works according to the Reality School concept: all products must withstand the test of the professional worlds of publishing and fashion.

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Tiger magazine by AMFI

Marketing & distribution


Programme info

During the first half of the minor programme students make their own print magazine working in small groups. After nine weeks a jury of publishing professionals picks one concept that will be published and launched as the new AMFI magazine.

In the second half of the programme all students become part of this new magazine brand and turn it into a brand. They make a translation to the internet (website, social media, iPad), develop a yearbook and product line, and think about ways to market and sell the new brand.

Frank Jurgen Wijlens (coordination)
Casimir Morreau (online & ipad)

Luis Mendo (Editorial Designer Good Inc.)
Petra Boers (Owner Buro Vonkstof)
Bregje Lampe (Fashion journalist de Volkskrant)
Zelda Beauchampet (Graphic, Fashion and Jewelry Designer)
Koos de Boer (Media & Communication specialist)
Martien Mellema (Creative Director Dutch Vogue)
Peter van Rhoon (Publisher/Creative Director CODE magazine)
Georgette Koning (Fashion journalist)
Puck Landewe (founder PRESTAGE magazine)


AMFI Magazine Archive - since 2004



Mondaze magazine

We’re outspoken, clever, off beat and above all things never boring. mondaze explores the five stages of the bored mind, relieving the reader from whichever state they may be in. mondaze is here to embolden you with our striking perspective on fashion. Feeling fazed?
Get mondazed.

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Garment, your editorial wardrobe

In a world filled with snack-sized information, we felt a need for focus. That is why we go back to the core of fashion: garments. By exploring one piece of clothing in a witty fashion we are making the ordinary extraordinary. This issue will dive into the fascinating world of the skirt, from basic information to surprising facts. Garment is a one of a kind independent fashion magazine, a must-read for every fashion aficionado. Welcome to Garment, your editorial wardrobe.

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TIGER DRAGON SLAYERS from the Underworld

TIGER DRAGON SLAYERS plays with extreme proportions in materials, silhouettes and prints. The magazine looks beyond the mainstream and highlights all the outstanding fashion, intriguing people and outrageous ideas in the creative industry. TIGER DRAGON SLAYERS are bold, outstanding and ready to pounce. They are the ones that don’t follow the mainstream, the ones that stand out in the crowd, taking a risk in what they do and how they appear.

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ANT fashion magazine

ANT fashion magazine celebrates personal passions of creative talents and features the pleasantly obsessed. ANT fashion magazine focuses on the international fashion scene and devotees of independent fashion magazines worldwide. A world of creative talent and their slightly neurotic urge of creating is being examined.

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Odd magazine

Odd is a personal magazine that focuses on the lives of international fashion professionals. Based on the six degrees of separation theory, the magazine explores six connections between seven people’s lives and styles. These seven key people are the core for a magazine about fashion and photography inspired by personal stories about creative life –  in a little bit of an odd style.

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Mint magazine

Mint magazine focuses on the personal stories and relationships that people have with their clothing. Rather than following trends, it conveys the emotions and memories woven into garments. It is a playful exploration that seeks to personify fashion and give a voice to the clothing to tell the stories that are woven in. Illustrations, quirky fashion images and new talents, all go to support the honest and unusual atmosphere of Mint. Fashion to be felt.

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YBB – Your Biggest Bang magazine

Your Biggest BANG magazine takes the art of up-cycling to a higher level. The magazine has a new approach on art/design, fashion and music with a clean and clear design, intriguing images and straightforward texts. Your Biggest BANG magazine is based on the fact that every ending is a new beginning.

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Goud magazine

In 2007 the program was extended from 10 to 20 weeks. Students who were competing during the first half, became colleagues in the second half – all working on the same magazine brand. GOUD magazine (Gold magazine) was a bilingual magazine aimed at young creatives, providing them with an edifying articles, inspiration and a possible platform to network.

2006 | 2005 | 2004

I\’AMFI magazine

The first three editions were the result of a study programme lasting ten weeks. The final magazine was made during free time in the evening as the students who had volunteered to put it together were already studying their next course. These issues were all published under the title I’AMFI, a name that was dropped after a certain city came up with a new publicity slogan.