What’s next? You’d better make the most of it

He won the first prize at the Lectra Awards in the 3D Hypercraft programme, he designed the hat for the Minister of Education on Prince’s Day – who hasn’t heard about Design student Sebastian Pleus? took a closer look at what keeps this soon-to-be graduate up at night. 


Sebastian Pleus at ByAMFI

Making collection arrangements at the byAMFI store

After his internship at McQ by Alexander McQueen in London, Sebastian realised that the commercial world he will soon enter will be different than the academic one he’s in now. Although the critical feedback and stress won’t disappear, what might is his creative freedom. YOLO (You Only Live Once) has become a cliché, but Sebastian is seeing more and more that despite its tackiness – it’s true.

Describing his feelings about his last runway show for his 3D Hypercraft collection he states: ‘You work for months on end for that one minute of happiness’. To find the emotional spirit that will drive how his graduation collection materializes, he has to escape his own perfectionistic thoughts and start challenging his own perception of what’s beautiful. Sebastian has also been part of the iNDiViDUALS programme, which opened Amsterdam Fashion Week in January 2013 with the the Element collection. This work confirms Sebastian’s statement that he gets a thrill from defying the expectations of others.

Behind the Scenes AMFI FashionRollers

Behind the scenes at the 3D Hypercraft catwalk. Credit: FashionRollers

Hailing from a small conservative village in Germany, Sebastian chose to study fashion despite his interests in medicine and psychology: ‘Fashion is also quite related to the body’. AMFI was recommended to him as a school that offered the right balance between artistic craftsmanship and the commercial contexts of the fashion world. There was also of course the unique nature of the international study programme: ‘It seemed like a jackpot to me’.


Preparing for the Light Prospector photoshoot. Credit: FashionRollers

With his upcoming graduation collection he’ll take something that’s usually quite serious – menswear – and do something fun and unexpected with it to play up features that are usually under-appreciated. ‘Graduation is your own party’ – he will take advantage of this freedom now, because when he hits the job market he won’t only have his own two hands to answer to.

Sebastian Pleus byAMFI

Sebastian enjoying the moment. Credit: KRW

His advice for the new AMFI student? Everybody suffers at one point during his or her AMFI career. Turn that frown upside down and be crazy enough to embrace the boatload of changes that are coming your way. Soon he too will have to change, in finding the delicate equilibrium between commercialism and creativity.sebpleus1

Pleus’ latest collection Light Prospector can be seen and is sold at byAMFI. Curious about his graduation collection? Come see it presented at AMFI Transit 2014.

Text by Kimberly Waldbillig, AMFI Teacher and Marketing & Media Specialist

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