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Amsterdam Fashion Institute celebrates its local indigo heroes with a special exhibition paying tribute to AMFI alumni who have contributed to bring Amsterdam into the golden age of denim.

(Tony Tonnaer of Kings of Indigo) – “Denim has so much history and even more future. It speaks the world language of indigo and is a perfect way to show your values in life. Live it.”

Masters of Denim Photo Expo - shot by Justina Tjallinks, styled Lisa Dymph Megens, produced Kimberly Waldbillig

(Vivian Holla of DENHAM) –  ”Denim is the only fabric that becomes better with age.”

Entitled “Masters of Denim”, the exhibition highlights 12 AMFI alumni who are active in the denim industry and who have been instrumental to help bring Amsterdam into the golden age of denim. Presented through a series of portraits, photographed by Justine Tjallinks and styled by Lisa Dymph Megens, also both AMFI alumni. The roster includes names like Tony Tonnaer of Kings of Indigo, Lennaert Nijgh of Benzak Denim Developersand Mick Keus of MickKeus. Each portrait was accompanied with a plaque stating the subjects name, current company, graduation year and graduation specialisation. Each of the alumni were also asked to share a short statement about what keeps them busy in the world of denim.

Masters of Denim Portrait Series - AMFI Transit 2014 - WGSN Press

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