The ones to watch!

In case you missed the movies in cinema during Amsterdam Fashion Week: AMFI proudly presents the six fashion films that were made during the Fashion & Visual Culture programme!  We […]

Models circle line up during the final presentation. Ready to party! (Photo by Mykola Bugai).

Triptiek 2017 Gallery

As we can’t get enough from it, we present the best photos from the 2017 Triptiek event! Article by Roy Doron  2nd year International Fashion & Branding 250 AMFI students from […]

The Dandy inspired collection by Merle Kolman at the shoot (left) and in Lectra (right).

3D craft – Everything is possible!

The Hypercraft show last week was pretty amazing, but what was it like to design a collection on the computer? We interviewed three third year students about their experience with […]

Travis (in white shirt) and Eleonora (black dress) during the Award Ceremony when they won the ISKO denim competition (Photo taken from Travis’ Portfolio).

Life After A Win

What does winning a (student) competition do for your study career? And how does it change you as a student?  We spoke to International Fashion & Branding students Travis Rice […]


Searching for the perfect concept

In year two of Fashion and Branding, branding students are introduced to the challenge of combining previous assignments and create the perfect retail-environment. Interview by Jelske Driessen 2nd year International […]

Image: Simon from Candiani explaining the denim production process on-site. (credits: Hugo Henri Guthan, Estonian exchange student from Danish TEKO)

Denim students take on Italy!

By Eva van Stekelenburg, 4th year Fashion & Branding (and Denim student!)   Last month, the students of the minor Denim took a trip to Italy, where they visited the […]


Clash show part 2- Marni en Versace

 Stephanie Barbian 2nd Year Fashion & Management student The 2nd year Fashion & Design student’s aim was to find the balance between their assigned luxury brand and the sportswear brand […]

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