Travis (in white shirt) and Eleonora (black dress) during the Award Ceremony when they won the ISKO denim competition (Photo taken from Travis’ Portfolio).

Life After A Win

What does winning a (student) competition do for your study career? And how does it change you as a student?  We spoke to International Fashion & Branding students Travis Rice […]


Searching for the perfect concept

In year two of Fashion and Branding, branding students are introduced to the challenge of combining previous assignments and create the perfect retail-environment. Interview by Jelske Driessen 2nd year International […]

Image: Simon from Candiani explaining the denim production process on-site. (credits: Hugo Henri Guthan, Estonian exchange student from Danish TEKO)

Denim students take on Italy!

By Eva van Stekelenburg, 4th year Fashion & Branding (and Denim student!)   Last month, the students of the minor Denim took a trip to Italy, where they visited the […]


Clash show part 2- Marni en Versace

 Stephanie Barbian 2nd Year Fashion & Management student The 2nd year Fashion & Design student’s aim was to find the balance between their assigned luxury brand and the sportswear brand […]


Clash Show part 1- Gucci & Balenciaga

By  Stephanie Barbian 2nd Year Fashion & Management The 2nd year Fashion & Design student’s aim was to find the balance between their assigned luxury brand and the sportswear brand Nike, which […]


Sustainability: live what you’ve learned

By Celia Marie Freiling, 2nd year student International Fashion & Branding As fashion students we learn about the consequences of the fashion system on a daily base. We are urged […]

The maker’s week opens eyes and minds to new possibilities of creating a prototype of your idea.

The path to real innovation

Written by Marisol Reuter, 4th year student Int. Fashion & Branding Brands & Innovation is a future thinking specialization that focuses every year on a new trend. After extensive research […]

Martin Coppes and Anke Louwerse in the AMFI garden

“Love what you are doing”

Interview by Marjolijn Oostermeijer, 2nd year Int. Fashion & Branding Generations of students will have good memories about the drawing classes by Martin Coppes and Anke Louwerse. This week AMFI says […]


Getting to know the product – part 2

First semester in fashion – Prototype The first years from all departments at AMFI are in mixed classes during their first semester. The students work on three projects. Last week […]

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