Smart Fashion Production - Laura Duncker and Karin Vlug

Smart Fashion Production: Laura Duncker & Karin Vlug

Fashion technologists Laura Duncker and Karin Vlug presented their work into Smart Fashion Production at Hotel Brave Monday on 18 January, part of the Amsterdam Fashion Week. They have explored methods where no patterns or […]

reality vs expectations

Expectations vs. Reality

Studying fashion can be a scary decision, especially in a foreign country. Before I started AMFI, I had a certain mental picture of how the people and the school would […]

PHOTO © 2016 TEAM PETER STIGTER -Christiaan de Vries Fashion Design

The New Authority – Fashion & Design

On January 11,  fifteen fashion designers presented their graduation concepts and collections at the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam.  The graduating group, aptly named The New Authority, boldly departed from what we know to be […]

AMFI Brands & Innovation Concept for Elie Saab

Our Message from the Future

Over the past few months third and fourth year Fashion & Branding students developed future proof concepts and prototypes for brands like HAY, Ace & Tate and Suitsupply. Those concepts […]

Modern Girl Gang - iNDiViDUALS

Runways and girl gangs

With only a few days remaining before Generation 20’s collection is unveiled, sent Orla Tiffney to catch up with iNDIVIDUALS’ Lisa Hupe and Melissa Kasteleijns – to pick their […]

iSKO Denim Innovation

Innovation in Denim with iSKO

Fourth-year International Fashion & Branding student Franziska Sauerwein was invited to partipate in a special denim innovation workshop after winning the iSKOOL marketing award last summer. Earlier this year me […]

Tosca Rundholz - F & VC 2

Checking in with Tosca: F & VC checked in with third-year International Fashion & Branding student Tosca Rundholz to gather some insight into her experience in the Fashion & Visual Culture programme this semester.   Why did […]

Linnemore Nefdt - AMFI Lecturer

Twenty-five years and counting

As the pioneer of sustainability and working cross-culturally at AMFI, Linnemore Nefdt has dedicated over 25 years to our school. It was time for her to descend our marbled staircase for the […]

Cocoon Coat Individuals - Gray Brushed Wool

Easy like Sunday morning

Sunday morning, rolled out of bed and curled up on the couch with a hot black coffee in one hand and an iPhone in the other. Cocooning with your social media […]


No Fuggs Allowed

Putting a thousand fashionable girls and boys together in one school leads to clique-ing of social groups a lá Mean Girls? Not quite. AMFI students eat, sleep and breathe style […]