A worn-in pair of jeans tells the unique story of its owner - all those creases, tears and fades evolve into a highly personal product. - Lennaert Nijgh, Benzak Denim Developers; F&M 2008

A portrait series celebrating our creative ‘jeanius’

Amsterdam has been heralded as the world capital of denim – people come here from all corners of the earth for inspiration on casual style. In the heart of the […]

Virtual Fashion Design - Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Symposium on Virtual Fashion Design

Explore the potential of 3D technologies for the fashion industry and education Introducing virtual fashion design into the creative design process has proven to offer a number of beneficial outcomes for fashion […]

Dutch fashion icons Triptiek 2025

Triptiek 2015: a vision into 2025

On the 4th of February over two hundred and sixty second-year students presented AMFI’s annual Triptiek project. Designers, Managers and Branders were briefed to work together in teams to create and […]

AMFI Lectra 3D Virtual Prototyping Awards

3D Hypercraft: pioneers in Fashion Design

Fashion design is a type of sculpting. The fabric is sculpted into a garment. – After Frank Zappa (1940-1993) AMFI’s Lectra Awards is organised annually to recognise talent in fashion […]

AMFI Master Fashion Enterprise Creation

Start a fashion business – MA FEC

Excellent news for the entrepreneurial AMFI community: the Master Fashion Enterprise Creation is now accepting applications to start in January 2016. This two-year programme offers the skills, knowledge and framework […]

Specialsation Collection AMFI - Marlou Breuls 1

Specialisation Collection: explore your handwriting

The specialisation Collection has officially ended with an exciting show. Three students share their experiences and concepts created within the programme. As the models get their last make-up check and […]

Seapunk Behind the Scenes Collector of Curiosities

The curiosity of subcultures – F&VC fashion film

Flashback to January: arrive to Day 5 of Fashion Week Amsterdam in a Mercedes-Benz G-class wagon, dressed to the nines. Tonight Fashion & Visual Culture students toast with their teams […]

Boys at the AMFI - Gender Ratio at school

Where are all the boys?

Despite there being no shortage of men in the fashion industry, the gender ratio at AMFI is not truly representative. Uncovering male students’ motivation for studying fashion, and a guy’s […]

Martijn Nekoui Photography Marina Coenen

Man on a mission: Martijn Nekoui

Fashion & Branding graduate Martijn Nekoui talks to second-year iFB student Sarah Södersten about his upcoming exhibition, how fashion is not just about unicorns and glitter, and his future plans. […]

iNDiViDUALS Lara Lisa

iNDiViDUALS – the next generation of fashion professionals

This article goes behind the scenes at iNDiViDUALS, one of AMFI’s selective programmes. Lara Jongejans of Branding and Lisa Galenkamp of Management expose what makes iNDiViDUALS not just a school […]