Un-TANGLE AMFI Brands & Innovation

Brands & Innovation students give up technology to explore togetherness

A group of young people went to a remote island with no technology for two days to learn about being together. Highly unlikely? Brands and Innovation students did just that, […]

Puck Verheul Prototype Show

So many prototypes: not one alike

First-year Prototype assignment: create a sample of a clothing piece by draping it directly on the body. Time frame to realise this: 6 weeks. Not only students from Design had […]

byAMFI – the experimental retail classroom

A new school year has started, and so have new projects at byAMFI. Store Manager Rosiane Kuijper presents two new retail opportunities, Google Cardboard and Beacons, and shares how byAMFI […]

Blue Fair: ordinary 5 pocket jeans are old-hat

Last week second-year Management students transformed the Kohnstammhuis into a showcase of twenty-five creative stands, constituting the annual Blue Fair. Most consumers don’t know that denim production is one of […]

Rolluik AMFI

The top 10 places you might not visit on our Open Day

When you start your studies at AMFI, you are thrown into maze of doors and hallways. During our Open Days there are some places you may not even get a […]