Floortje's research

Style Research Interview

  Fashion & Branding student Ella Possek interviews Fashion & Design student Floortje Mantel about her Style Research project.   What was the project about?   Style Research is about […]

Gucci museum

Under the Tuscan Sun

Italy Trip 2nd Year Fashion & Management Article by Stephanie Barbian 2nd year Fashion & Management   Yesterday: the rainy Netherlands. Today: walking underneath the Tuscan sun! The second year […]


Towards a Zero Waste Industry

Beyond Green is the annual symposium on the future of fashion organised by the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) and since two years together with Circle Economy. It uses the collective power of students […]

Collection Charlotte Bakkenes- photo by Team Peter Stigter

Pushing your limits – the AMFI Honours programme

The Honours programme offers a selected group of talented Fashion & Design students the opportunity to spend a short but intensive period deepening and strengthening their fashion vision, stylistic signature […]

We welcomed the families and friends of our graduates. Pictured: Fashion & Branding graduate Rochelle Bambury.

AMFI Transit 2016 Graduation Event Photos

The annual graduation event AMFI Transit took place on 1 July 2016 in Amsterdam’s World Fashion Centre. Together with family, friends, our faculty and professionals from the industry we were both inspired and feeling sentimental. […]

Christiaan de Vries - Feature Image

They Said I Can Be Anything

Design sometimes has the most surprising sources of inspiration. This article follows the personal journey of Christiaan de Vries’ graduation project from pink to war, and from war to self-expression.  Most […]