Learning to understand the Business of fashion

While the fashion world is signified by the beauty of creation and innovation, many first year AMFI students are weighed down by the unglamorous backside of the industry – the […]

Denim and lasers: a perfect combination

Founded by Management alumnus Tony Tonnaer, denim brand Kings of Indigo (K.O.I.) joined forces with fellow Amsterdam-based brand Uncover Lab in the infamous department store de Bijenkorf to create something […]

Marina Coenen - AMFI International Fashion & Branding

Marina Coenen: Every minute counts

My name is Loïs, an International Branding student at AMFI and a new member of the editorial team. In my search to find students with interesting stories to tell, […]

3D Body Scan - Fashion Technology & Reasearch

3D Body Scanning: Fitting the future

‘We have our very own 3D body scanner now’ was a newsflash that captured the attention of students and teachers when it passed through the doorways of our institute earlier […]

De youngsters: a subculture of the ‘old’

Learning to understand your consumer is one of the most important things as a Branding student at AMFI. Yet, what if consumers are constantly changing? Anne Dijkhorst, a 2012 Branding […]