graduation event

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will be held on

Thursday July 5 from 16:00 – 20:00



Swoon over beautiful collections with inspiring background stories of AMFI’s upcoming designers, be enlightened by our skilled branders about their innovative branding and communication strategies for existing and upcoming brands and get educated on revolutionary business models developed by AMFI’s management graduates.


Discover your own talent and attend an exclusive fashion drawing workshop, expand your network whilst enjoying some biological fries, ice cream and/or an ice cold drink in our garden. Grab the opportunity to talk to the AMFI’s board on the future of fashion.


All our graduates have their own unique identity and vision, but some of them intend to share something extra during a Pitch & Q&A in our own movie theatre.


Get educated on the following subjects:


    • Sustainability should be a given and not an asset, ALOT strives for a circular future
    • Exclusiveness in the sneaker world: a door to enter today’s reign of the ephemeral
    • Strangers in Paradise: A research on intercultural, open, inclusive communication, collaboration and creation within the fashion industry; a homage to diversity, freedom & tolerance.
    • Fashion Startups – Sales Channel of the Future
    • The impact of circular end-of-life systems on linear fashion business models
    • Optimization of comfort in clothing and the implementation of 3D virtual prototyping, resulting in both a virtual collection and a physical collection.


Take a deep dive into the future of fashion, body positivism, sustainability, sexuality, inclusiveness, branding and technology, but above all, be inspired by all AMFI graduates. This is… AMFI NEXT.

Previous editions



Transit 2017 celebrated the twelfth edition of the event. Over 140 Design, Management and Branding graduates exhibited their work in the World Fashion Centre.

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Transit 2016 celebrated the eleventh edition of the event. Over 120 Design, Management and Branding graduates exhibited their work in the World Fashion Centre.

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AMFI TRANSIT 2015 thanks everyone who made our special event possible.


Transit 2015 celebrated the tenth anniversary edition of the event. Over 130 Design, Management and Branding graduates exhibited their work in the World Fashion Centre.

This series featured the portraits of our AMFI entrepreneurs, photographed by Martin Sweers (Unit c.m.a.). We launched, a digital rolodex for our graduate talent. Also, the Graduate Archive was built.

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AMFI Transit 2014 slider


Transit 2014, the 9th edition of the event, showcased the work of over 120 Design, Management and Branding graduates with an exhibition and two livestreamed catwalk shows in the World Fashion Centre.

This year Transit also hosted a special photo portrait series exhibition titled Masters of Denim, celebrating our alumni active in the local denim industry.



Transit 2013, the 8th edition of the event, showcased the work of more than 120 Design, Management and Branding graduates with an exhibition and a catwalk show.

This year Transit also celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the Independent Fashion Magazines programme with the launch of Garment Magazine and a special exhibition produced by students from the 10th magazine generation. They reached out to AMFI alumni from the last decade and interviewed them about how this study programme helped them to get to where they are now. Ernst Coppejans photographed the alumni and the portrait exhibit was presented at Transit 2013.



Transit 2012 celebrated 20 years of AMFI. All former staff-members and former students from AMFI, Charles Montaigne and Mr. Koetsier were invited to a special alumni programme in the World Fashion Centre. Furthermore AMFI graduate and fashion photographer Duy Quoc Vo organised a photo-exhibition with portraits of 20 successful alumni from the fashion industry.

During Transit 2012 Designer Yvonne Kwok showed her graduation collection to an enthusiastic public. AMFI is proud that just two weeks later with this collection she won the G-Star RAW Talent award 2012 during Amsterdam Fashion Week.

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