No Fuggs Allowed

Putting a thousand fashionable girls and boys together in one school leads to clique-ing of social groups a lá Mean Girls? Not quite.

AMFI students eat, sleep and breathe style – so we wouldn’t think twice if you one day would show up with blue hair, dressed in a flag. To refine your ideas about what causes real bursts of hushed debates amongst our ranks, I’ll tell you: shoes.  We all can wax poetical about footwear; this piece is one student’s mini-guide to navigating our well-heeled corridors.

Smart Brogues

Nothing says ‘I am smart, and sophisticated, and I am going places’ like black and shiny brogues. Oh yes. These neat and tidy shoes are a favourite among up-and-coming young professionals, or at least the ones feeling halfway there by looking the part. For those on the more quirky and eccentric side, we see the readily available colourful or iridescent brogues provide a standout substitute. No matter that you’ve had to settle for the 21-cent coffees from the BPH cafeteria in lieu of some other fancy coffee – you’ve set a strict budget to afford your need to go brogue…

Chunky Heeled Paradise

If the sharp clicking of stiletto heels used to be the signature sound sample for a fashionable character, it has now metamorphosed into soft thudding of thick, chunky heels. Helping even the most vertically challenged fashionistas reach a model-esque stature, these bad boys are a popular favourite among the AMFI population – and we’re not excluding the males. Those committed enough to wear 7cm heels and traipse up and down our school’s three staircases are dead serious about their own style. It might be impractical, and alas, the beloved open toe versions have sent several blue-toed fashion slaves to the ER. Still, the chunk heel is a wardrobe staple of these style pioneers.


In almost any European language there exists that one saying that goes along the lines ‘if you want to be pretty, you will have to suffer’. The people behind this age-old adage clearly never counted on the rise of the sneaker. Over the last few years an epidemic of sneakers has re-wrought the fashion mentality, saving many feet from torturous heels and boots. Comfortable – yes! Fashionable? Well.. are you sporting the latest special edition of that celebrity that is so cool hardly anyone actually knows him yet? Non? At least for those of us who want to look like we would consider the gym, the re-volution of the sneaker has made it okay to wear your ‘running shoes’ to school.

Our student body is highly influenced by current and upcoming trends. Many of us own or adore the footwear mentioned above. However, let me speak for a general sentiment in that there is one point none of us will budge on. One shoe I would not be caught wearing. A shoe that unites us in acrimony, a false beacon associated with fashion we desperately try to extinguish; I am of course talking about…

(F)ugg-ly slipper boots. Might an unknowing student have the audacity to shuffle into the building, its like a silent alarm has gone off. Anyone in the lobby will likely eyeball the ‘intruder’ up and down. If you’re lucky we are still too shocked to react. We hope you’re not wearing the sequin-bedazzled ones. My advice –  there’d likely be fewer lopsided looks in your direction if you and your kicks kept to the Kohnstammhuis.

Photography by second-year International Fashion & Branding student Aron Meier.
Text by third-year International Fashion & Branding student Sarah Södersten. 

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