Our Message from the Future

Over the past few months third and fourth year Fashion & Branding students developed future proof concepts and prototypes for brands like HAY, Ace & Tate and Suitsupply. Those concepts are based on different future scenarios taking place in 2025.

Twenty-six students started the specialisation Brands & Innovation, focused on future thinking. Every year we see many trends, however the focus of this specialisation is ‘trend optimisation’.

What is optimisation? Optimisation knows many definitions and interpretations, depending on who you ask. Not more, but better. Using the same amount of (or less) resources, while creating a more impactful outcome. Making something as perfect as possible. Using time in the most effective way.

AMFi Brands & Innovation & Other Stories concept

Chloe Bal for & Other Stories

After extensive research on how trends would ‘optimise’ we considered what life would be like in the year 2025. We sought to identify which things would be different than the world we’re in now. Creative thinking and deep research led us to envision many possible outcomes.

AMFI Brands & Innovation - Amsterdam Fashion Week concept

Gabrielle Ibelings for Fashion Week

For a future-proof concept, it’s essential to consider a trend optimising in the context of a brand. Some scenarios embrace technology, while others see nature getting scarce and increasing in value. How will brands need to make changes to be relevant, adapt their strategy and stay top of the market?

AMFI Brands & Innovation Concept for Elie Saab

Sarah Tobias for Elie Saab

Each concept’s owner developed a physical prototype to illustrate the concept. Our collective message from the future will be presented at Gustafson in the Westergasterrein on Thursday, 21 January 2016.We developed concepts for HAY, & Other Stories, Fashion Week, Elie Saab, Vogue NL, Sloggi, Ace & Tate, Suitsupply and Crocs. Looking forward to receiving you.

AMFI Brands & Innovation - Ace & Tate concept

Maryn Edink & Meinoe Heinis for Ace & Tate

EXPO 21 JAN 18:00 – 21:00 | Gustafson |Westergasterrein

Haarlemmerweg 8a | 1014 BE | Amsterdam

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Text by third-year Fashion & Branding student Kelly Zwart.

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