A (real) experience of Triptych 2018

Second year International Fashion & Branding student Anouchka Gauthier kept a diary during Triptych, which we would like to share with you in order to gain more insight into the mysterious project that is Triptych.


Article by Anouchka Gauthier.


I remember listening to the audience applaud whilst looking at the smiles of many proud students, happy to have completed their project. The smell of the models’ hairspray was still lingering in the backstage area, as the euphoria of the show seemed to have calmed down. Triptych is ‘300 students, 10 brands, 3 weeks and 0 waste’, but it is also 16 days of intense work, ups and downs, reassessments, accomplishment and a lot of wonderful unexpected encounters.


For Triptych, all rules start over again: Dutch and International Management, Branding and Design classes are mixed and put together in 10 teams. For the first time, AMFI challenges us to create a new futuristic fashion brand in its entirety: from the concept to the final show, through the creation of a visual identity, photoshoot, video production, design a collection but also the creation of a 3D stand and a business plan. Nothing is left out. There’s one rule: teams are assigned to two iconic figures as a starting point. When we had to meet our new group members for the first time, I am not going to lie, it was an awkward moment. But everyone was really motivated and the group had a great vibe.


1 - group

The third day of the project, my team had to take the official group photo.


The first week was complicated. Everyone had their own vision of the concept: a lot of people felt they trust others. A tip for first year students: The moment you start trusting your group members, is the moment you start having fun! Triptych is less about personal preference and vision, as you will have to compromise during the process. We had to do a lot of research in order to build the brand, and we found out that working as a big group wasn’t efficient. We decided to assign different functions to people, which resulted in the creation of different teams: the concept team, branding team, installation team, sustainability team and, last but not least, design team.


The weekend was dedicated to the creation of the concept presentation. One of my teammates and I were in charge, and we decided to create a 5-minute video. It was really intense: scenario writing, finding good visuals, matching music, voice recording and editing. 10-cups-of-strong-coffee-and-6-hours-of-sleep-in-two-days later, we managed to finish the video.


7 - makeup

Me, doing the makeup of one of our models (credit : Milena Majda).


During the second week, everything went by so fast. I was in charge of organising the photoshoot and creating the video. Everything, however, had not gone as planned. Two days after the photoshoot, the photographer sent us the pictures: the result was horrible. When we asked her to send us unedited pics, she started blackmailing us for more money.  We had to call a few lawyers and then we finally received some unedited pictures. Another tip? Set up a contract when you hire someone, for everyone’s safety.


However, managing and organising a photoshoot and be responsible for the video clip, was a wonderful experience which really helped me to learn more about myself.


Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 21.40.53

The final pictures of the photoshoot.


Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. After 16 days of intense work, the day of the event had finally arrived. Stress and fatigue gave way to the excitement of the show. Days and hours became minutes. At 7:03 pm, the lights darkened and the electric blue spots moved towards the catwalk. I could finally breathe, and I suddenly realised how proud of myself I was. For me Triptych was not just a school project; it was the moment all of my doubts faded and I really realised why I chose for the Fashion Industry.


11 - catw

The final catwalk of Triptych 2018. Our collection was presented as the final collection of the show, which was an incredible moment!


(I would like to give credit to Team 6 for all the pictures and designs.)

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