The refreshing vibe of Transit 2017

Marking the end of the graduates AMFI career, Transit showcases the final projects of our students. We approached some of the visitors to talk about their impression of the class of 2017.

Text and photos by Blanca Heise and Sarah Friedman (2nd year int. Fashion & Branding).

Ineke Tanis (guest lecturer at AMFI): “Walking around at Transit and seeing the result of the graduates’ blood, sweat and tears, evokes emotion. These young people have made such amazing products! Every year you can feel an refreshing vibe, a vibe I happily immerse myself in.”



Annika Langhammer (first yearstudent Fashion & Management): “Innovatively the graduates apply new sustainability strategies in their projects. Their futuristic thoughts will push this industry further.”

Tevin Stuurland (visitor from Amsterdam):Transit showcases high quality work. Work that I think could be launched straight into the business. I see a lot of potential AMFI students, who will play important parts in big businesses. Hats off to them!”

Olivier Franken (second year student Fashion & Branding): “This year’s graduation projects clearly aim to raise discussion with their political attitudes. I believe it is good that in today’s volatile and unstable society our generation does not act indifferent, but actively wants to create and earn a better future.”

Gia- Tinh Lam (first year  student Fashion & Branding):  “You can clearly see that the graduates thought about creating a holistic experience. They did not just simply present their work, but the kept ones first impression in mind as well. How people feel when they look at and navigate through the work seems to be key.”

Jan-Philip Kosfeld (visitor from Germany): “Being an outsider at Transit, it was unexpected to see the scientific approaches the graduates applied in their installations. They are pushing trends forward and analysing the market in depth which shows their professional level.”

René van de Velde (head of Fashion & Branding at AMFI): This year’s Transit has a good turnout. For me two fashion shows would have been essential since Transit is about showcasing the student’s work. I believe you should always serve the interests of the students, but also those of AMFI as a whole.”





Joachim Damus (visitor from Belgium): “I am here because one of my friends attends AMFI. She told me there was going to be an interesting event. Since I study communication it is nice to see how projects in the fashion industry get executed. What stands out to me is that every small detail is visually well- thought through; the photography, the videography, the typography. All projects are ready to launch!”