Six short fashion films premiering at The Ketelhuis

Tonight six short fashion films are premiering at cinema Het Ketelhuis as part of 10 Days Downtown, Mercedes Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam. The films were created during AMFI’s Fashion & Culture programme. For Branding student Caroline Koning writes about the creative, but stressful time, of film making.

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‘From the first letter of the scenario, to the big screen in Het Ketelhuis, film making is a time consuming, yet greatly satisfying process. They say one learns by doing. I say, that’s true. I’m a cinema fanatic: I go at least six times a month and I would like to go much more often if only I had the time. I was aware of the fact that making a film is the result of many hours of dedicated work, but I did not realize how much effort it actually takes before making one of my own.

So, where does one start? The first thing to do is to watch as many films as possible. Look at the camera work, the narrative, the art direction, the acting, and basically, everything else, then just start writing. Don’t be afraid you’re not going to succeed. I mean, no one’s expecting the next Great Gatsby from you. Do try to add a narrative to the film. Usually, fashion films explore the aesthetics more than character development. This story telling process took me weeks: How do I bring my character alive? Will people understand it? Will my crew be able to pull everything off?

Photo No1

How I spent my evenings: writing many versions of the script for ‘Joyeux Anniversaire’.

Once the scenario, script and shot list are done, the producers and art directors can do their jobs. The crew starts to realize what it takes to develop the ideas from paper to reality. Everyone is being challenged to be highly creative, as the budget is exactly 0,00 Euros. Our producers learned that puppy eyes and student excuses never worked so well before!

Photo No2 small

The result of creative production mindsets: From living room to film set.

After seven weeks, the big day is coming: you’re actually going to shoot the film! Is the cast available? Lights? Is the set ready? Camera? Are all the outfits and props there? Action! We had a very tough day of filming: a swimming pool, a cinema and the birthday set on one day. That meant that at 7am our three models, camera man, and myself were shooting underwater (sorry guys). When heading to the cinema at 9am we found out that our make up artist bailed on us. Mayday! Luckily, our producers fixed last minute solutions in order for the shooting schedule to continue.

Photo swimming pool small

7am: The cast, director and D.O.P. are in the swimming pool, early birds!

Photo No3small

Behind the scenes – Robert, Maarten and Wick in the cinema De Uitkijk.

Photo No4

ehind the scenes – Robert, Maarten and Wick in the cinema De Uitkijk.

Finally you see your footage back for the first time. I honestly cannot tell you how satisfying that feels! The process from paper, to production, to filming and to the screen is now completed. Next stop: Het Ketelhuis!

To conclude: has making a film myself spoiled the fun of watching them? Absolutely not! Honestly, I do look differently at films now (I heard myself saying ‘wow, production credits’ out loud in the cinema last week), but calling it a spoiler would be everything but true. It enriches the movie experience, and it makes you realize even more that film making is really an art where all creative minds come together.’

The films can be seen until Friday, January 24th 2014 at Het Ketelhuis. To buy tickets go to, for reservations call Het Ketelhuis: 020-684 01 12.

Missed your chance to visit the screenings at AFW? Check out the Fashion & Visual Culture Vimeo channel to watch the short films from home:

AMFI presents: Joyeux Anniversaire from AMFI Fashion & Visual Culture on Vimeo.

Text & photo’s by 4th year International Fashion & Branding student Caroline Koning.


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