Smart Fashion Production: Laura Duncker & Karin Vlug

Smart Fashion Production - Laura Duncker and Karin Vlug

Laura Duncker (left) and Karin Vlug. Photography Aaron/Wienk.

Fashion technologists Laura Duncker and Karin Vlug presented their work into Smart Fashion Production at Hotel Brave Monday on 18 January, part of the Amsterdam Fashion Week.

They have explored methods where no patterns or sewing threads are necessary. One where design and production is based directly on 3D bodyscans.

Digital designs are personalised by the 3D bodyscans. Based on this flexible matrix mould is created, which can seamless incorporate the addition of fluid textiles and loose fibers. A garment is produced immediately in 3D with no ‘rest’ materials.

At the event Karin Vlug presented the project with Aynouk Tan as a moderator. Read a quick press article (in Dutch) by fashion journalist Fiona Hering on

Smart Fashion Production - Amsterdam Fashion Week

Smart Fashion Production at Hotel Brave Monday. Photo: Tomek Aaron/Chris Wienk.

See below a video about what kind of techniques the project researched:

Laura Duncker and Karin Vlug are members of the lectorate Fashion Research and Technology, part of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam’s CREATE-IT knowledge center. Read more about FRT and other research groups (Dutch) at

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