Snap Together for Animals

How do you make a generation with a 3-second attention span care about an issue far removed from their daily life? We met up with Violette van den Berg and Aron Meier, 3rd year Branding students and winners of the 2017 ‘New Blood’ award at D&AD (Global Association for Creative Advertising & Design Awards) with a campaign for the NGO brand and anti- fur organization – ‘Resepect for Animals’.


Article by Tesa Pavic (2nd year Int. Fashion & Management) and Roy Doron (2nd year Int. Fashion & Branding).

Violette & Aron on the stairways we all know very well (Photography: Tesa Pavic).

This July AMFI is celebrating the students creative execution as the different pencil awards of 2017 will be handed to the winners. Just before the ceremony begins they share with us the story of their successful campaign.

Starting as a part of the Brands & Identity specialisation the campaign was developed under the coaching of Jo Watson, Casimir Morreau & Pepe Villaverde. They helped us create an idea which elevates our own work into something better. It was a great opportunity, Violette explains.

The aim of Aron and Violette was to change people minds by creating a contemporary campaign so they can think differently about fur. It’s really just about questioning the perception of people on a certain subject.” Aron points out: “We choose this brief (out of 16 options) as it was the most linked to fashion – meaning we could have a relevant perspective in comparison to other candidates. As fashion has a long history with fur, we thought it would be interesting for us to tap into that subject and explore why people wear fur.”

Since 1962 the D&AD Pencil has represented the very best in design and advertising

As most of the D&AD applicants come from advertising or communication schools, by choosing this brief they created a competitive advantage with their fashion culture and experience. “I think it really allowed us to think out of the box. Branding pushes you to develop a long story and think in a certain way. Advertising students think differently in a more disruptive way of creating ideas. They have to create a lot of them to have a really good one.”

Violette elaborates: “It is not visual, you do not put things together which look beautiful. You write 150 different posts-its and you stare at them for hours. You to talk many people and try to understand the psychology and motivation behind people’s actions. You try to understand the social media ecosystem, how people interact with each other, what motivates them.”

“Our opportunity lies in those who still make up their mind: the always-connected Generation-Z.”

When asked about the aim of their campaign and the target audience, Aron explains that “the campaign is aiming to change the behavior of people by using online tactics. We understood that you can’t really change the mind of someone who has been wearing fur for a long time. For example, if they have been wearing fur for thirty years they must have a close relationship with fur because it is such a sentimental garment. So we thought whose mind can we change? The future generation – Generation-Z”.

The choice for Snapchat as their communication tool seemed obvious, as Violette explains: “Generation-Z’s favorite app is Snapchat so we looked at the platform and we discovered the filters. A lot of them have fur animals. Users put dogs, foxes and rabbits on their faces but they never think about the fact that these animals are killed for fur.”

“We remove digital representations of animals, like the Snapchat lenses, to show the young generation that real animals are in urgent need of their help.”

In today’s digital era, there are probably more people that interact with these animals through Snapchat, rather than in real life. Aron and Violette found the opportunity in the apps visual presentation to engage with their target audience. “With the time that we had I think we did the best that we could. Of course after a project you think we could have done things differently, like the storytelling of the video for example, but overall we are very proud of the final product.

“We disrupt their use of social media by creating a frustration” – ‘Snap Together for Animals’

Yearly people from all over the world send in their submission(s),  following only 18 of them to recieve an award. With another AMFI group that won, Lara Wagner & Eleonora Kalabokas, AMFI is slowly but surely becoming a yearly must-watch competitor at the D&AD!


“We disrupt their use of social media by creating a frustration” – ‘Snap Together for Animals’


To watch their really inspiring video, visit the campaign page on the D&AD website.