Specialisation Collection: explore your handwriting

The specialisation Collection has officially ended with an exciting show. Three students share their experiences and concepts created within the programme.

Specialisation Collection AMFI - Evie Cowan Backstage

Evie Cowan doing a last check-up before her model walks the runway.

As the models get their last make-up check and the designers put the finishing touches on their garments, the Posthoornkerk fills up with teachers, students, parents and friends. All are eager to see the collections of the 22 participating design students. The crowd takes a seat and impatiently waits for the first model to enter the catwalk.

Lights on, music on, and there she goes. As the first model walks the runway, designer Marlou Breuls secretly takes a peek from behind the curtains to see her work come alive for the first time. Amidst the whirr of cameras, she describes a feeling as if everything has fallen into place. Marlou’s collection is based on the idea that beauty needs some sort of ugliness: ‘Artist David Altmeid was my biggest inspiration for this collection, as his work tends to shock people by alienating the everyday things. He embraces the concept of excessiveness, which influenced my decisions for colour, shape, material and meaning.’

Specialsation Collection AMFI - Marlou Breuls 1

Marlou gave the beholder the ability to give meaning to her work by playing with the boundaries between imagination and reality.

While her models are walking, third year design student Karlijne Opmeer explains how she and her fellow students started the process of creating a collection based around a ‘classic’: extensive research into historical references in contemporary clothing followed by forecasting to create a future vision and concept. Students in the specialisation develop and fine-tune their handwriting, or signature design style. Inspired by the negative connotations about the Middle East that currently prevail, her collection is evocative of the Hippie Trail of the ‘70s and aims to remind people of the times when the two territories integrated and positively inspired each other.

Specialisation Collection AMFI - Karlijne Opmeer

Karlijne: ‘For me, fashion is a medium that should be significant and should have a meaning.’

Lecturer Martin Coppens remarked that the importance of rich fabrics, knits and prints was clearly significant for this round of designers. Branding alum Richenny ‘Ryfa’ Felicia, having just returned from Paris working for L’Officiel Hommes, had a clear preference for the closing menswear collection by Luca Kemkes. With incredible layering and materials, Luca’s all-white collection reacts to today’s stir of life, focused on the feeling clothing can give you: ‘I am most happy with the overall feeling of the collection: the peacefulness and the focus on innovative material were very important to me.’

Specialisation Collection AMFI - Luca Kemkes

Luca: ‘It’s interesting how you can operate with diverse materials but still keep them masculine and renewing.’

Specialisation Collection AMFI - Marlou Breuls 2

Marlou Breuls after the catwalk: ‘The moment my part of the show was over, I felt 10 pounds lighter and I could finally breathe again.’

Article by Laura Meijnen; photography by Isabell Janssen, second-year International Fashion & Branding students.

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