Spice It Up! #ReformingReformation

After an inspiring morning of capturing speeches, it was time to actively involve! The afternoon programme of Beyondblahblah was filled with many workshops hosted by different brands and companies. All participants were confronted with concrete challenges the brands or companies are currently facing. These mainly focused on how to close the final stage of the circular model, which we found out emerged as quite a task during our brainstorming.


Article  by Annika Langhammer,  Second Year Int. Fashion & Management. Photography by Nina Albada Jelgersma.


Credits to Nina Albada Jelgersma

Different ways to approach take-back systems!

I had the chance to take part in the Reformation workshop, which was all about how to create an easy and environmentally friendly take back system without forgetting the fun aspect of it. Kathleen Talbot, VP Sustainability at Reformation, flew in from Los Angeles to allow us an insight in their existing structures as well as their future vision. We were lucky to have her as our guidance during the workshop as she answered all upcoming questions immediately.

Kathleen Talbot, VP Sustainability at Reformation Credits to Nina Albada Jelgersma

Kathleen Talbot, VP Sustainability at Reformation.

The workshop consisted out of experienced industry people, young entrepreneurs, AMFI teachers and AMFI students. The emerging innovative spirit was incredible. Over three hours, industry and students worked hand in hand to create solutions and catchy strategies to achieve customer awareness and engagement. No matter if experienced or relatively new to the industry, the ideas went wild! From Virtual Reality Apps to the more common influencer strategies, we had a lot of fun and pushed each other’s ideas beyond limits.


Keeping in mind that we had to create a realistic concept, we decided on creating a brand ambassador network, which consists of interested persons who will obtain a training by Reformation. That training will enable them to repair and resell clothes through their own Instagram Page as well as in the ‘Reformer Reformation App’. This way possible customers can constantly see what the ambassador has in stock and where to find them. You can either bring back your garment for reparation or you get rid of it and instead you get 15% of your next purchase which can be cashed at the ambassador directly or in the Reformation online shop. If the trained person has an overstock, it is possible to send these garments back to Reformation, who will consequently recycle them. With our solution we tried to create an effortless way of returning with the idea of getting something back in return without forgetting the fun, cool part of it.


Time to Pitch | Credits to Nina Albada Jelgersma

Time to Pitch!

After our workshop session, all of the teams had to pitch their strongest concept to the other groups. Really creative and entertaining methods of presentation filled everybody with energy as it was the end of a long inspiring day. After the jury nominated the best pitch, with the most catchy and yet most realistic idea, we had the chance to exchange our impressions of the day and network.

As much as I learned again at this year’s ‘Beyond Blah Blah’, I realized how important it is to get the message out there. So let us huddle up, stop the BlahBlah and spread the idea of a more circular and conscious system. Looking forward to the next year!!

Ending the day with a 'high 15' from Vanessa Belleau | Credits to Nina Albada Jelgersma

Ending the day with a ‘high 15’ from Vanessa Belleau.


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