Stay tight for a new magazine

Last Thursday students of the minor Fashion & Editorial Branding presented four options for new editions of Garment. The 2014 AMFI magazine may be re-launched at the end of June. This year’s theme: Tights!

Text and image by Hannah Purner, 1st year Int. Fashion & Branding.


Tights seem to be a  garment that is rather uneventful as a theme for a magazine, but it turned out to lead to pretty amazing outcomes. Last Thursday each of the four teams in the minor created a stand to present their work, transforming a normal art classroom into a showcase of different views on magazines and the nylon fashion piece.

Stretching the ways you can read a magazine - Elisa van Barneveld, Maartje Weekers, Loïs Groenstege, Sven Ponthofer & Channa Cohn.

Stretching the ways you can read a magazine – Elisa van Barneveld, Maartje Weekers, Loïs Groenstege, Sven Ponthofer & Channa Cohn.

“Our magazine is inspired by the raw, unpolished and experimental side of fashion. The content on tights is not only covered by the actual garment, but we also focus on the tightness that we experience in fashion. Restrictions and boundaries, which we want to push a little further”, Sven Ponthofer explained. How to handle and read that magazine was not clear to me at first, so I had to find out about this unusual choice of style. “The original thought was to encourage the reader to make the magazine more personal. They always present their content in a specific order, but ours you allows you to change it the way you like. It also gives you the possibility to just take one article with you, so you don’t have to carry the whole heavy piece. The articles are related as they all deal with tights or tightness in fashion, but they can be read separately as well.”

Femme van Gils, Millie Harris, Fanny Alavoine, Melodie Balan, Rachel Douglass, Lola Vogels

The poetic tights explorers – Melodie Balan, Fanny Alavoine,  Millie Harris, Femme van Gils, Lola Vogels & Rachel Douglass.

“We all value garments a lot more when there is a story behind it, so we went on looking more into the story of tights and the individual that wears them. We used analog photography, because it is quite an intimate form of photography, which goes with our theme”. Getting those unique images was definitely an adventure for itself. “Most of the people we found on Instagram, one girl we randomly spotted at the university campus. We didn’t want models, we wanted real characters. One time, we had a shoot and the person didn’t show up, so I just went across the street to look for people and found this gorgeous girl. She just came with us, we snapped her pictures and now she’s in the magazine. Making the magazine was not always that easy, but in the end everything came together”.

Alexandra Mann, Carli Bureynejad, Eefje Kouwenberg, Elizabeth Thomas, Amber van Bussel, Maud Vos

In fishnets we trust – Carli Bureynejad, Amber van Brussel, Maud Vos, Elizabeth Thomas, Eefje Kouwenberg & Alexandra Mann.

“Our topic is to change the perspective on tights, how they’re perceived and how they are worn. The tone of voice of our magazine was all about being loud, bizarre and unpredictable, so we wanted every page to be a surprise.” When asked about time management and working process, Alexandra Mann answered: “Through the whole project we had designated jobs, but it blended together aswe needed to help each other out as well. Definitely lots and lots of teamwork in the process. We were given nine weeks, which are split up. Basically the first five weeks are all about developing the brand, the concept for the magazine and we had to argue why ours is worth printing. The other weeks we have to develop the product; all the writing, the photo shoots and the graphic design. So it was at a pretty fast pace.”

Isabel Dingle, Julia van Veen, Pim Spoor, Emily Stevenson, Iman Chin, Naomi ter Woord

Let tights tickle your imagination – Iman Chin, Pim Spoor, Isabel Dingle, Emily Stevenson, Julia van der Veen & Naomi ter Woord:

“We created an escape to let your alter ego run wild. Therefore we used tights as the object that makes your inner quirkiness come out”. How this is done, can be seen by three main chapters that talk about the distortion of tights. “We have interviewed lots of interesting people, like a guy that uses leggings and tights to transform himself into a different character every day. Our magazine is playful, daring and mischievous and we expressed that in graphic design and colors that are a bit weird, bright and bold. The acceptance of being weird was a big topic for us. In our chapters we talk about how tights can be used in different ways and that they are not for your legs only. So basically, fashion as a performance, dramatic and playful”, Isabel Dingle explains.


After visiting this exhibit of four inspiring issues of Garment, one will definitely find himself with a new look onto tights. Never would I have thought that there were that many facets to this particular piece of clothing. Many students agreed that the theme was a good choice. Tights as a garment are quite unusual, but a bit overlooked. So it makes sense to and to put the spotlight on it. Next job for the students is to come up with a publishing brief: in the months to come we’ll find out how and if they can publish their magazine and in what format – stay tuned!


Read more about the 2014 version of Garment here



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