Street Cinema by night, retailer by day

Last Tuesday a new exhibition was officially opened at the by AMFI store. For the next tw0 months by AMFI will be hosting photos created by 29 students from the Fashion & Visual Culture Programme.

Some of the photographs which were presented on the walls.

Some of the photographs which were presented on the walls. Photo by Stephanie Oonk.

If you have been to the store before, you may wonder how it’s possible to present 29 photos in such an intimate space. Here’s how; a kind of old-fashioned scroll can be turned to view a slideshow of 18 images. Difficult to imagine right? The turning table was as much of an attraction at the opening as the photos themselves. ‘Presenting them in this way preserves an analogue feeling while obviously encouraging interaction with the viewer’, explains Toon Agterberg, AMFI lecturer and 3D Developer at the store.


28 of the photos were printed for the scroll. Photo by Stephanie Oonk.

Having such a prime space in the centre of Amsterdam allows AMFI students, alumni and teachers to present their work in a personal and realistic manner. Their collections are often small so it’s easy to adapt and change them in accordance to the needs of the consumers. Orpheo Jungst (Store Manager of by AMFI and also alumnus), ‘Especially for students or young graduates it’s a kind dose of reality and a first taste of retail experience. It’s by AMFI for AMFI in every sense. A chance to see how the consumer responds to their product.’


Guests at the opening in by AMFI. Photo by Daniel Heijl.

The by AMFI team consists of Orpheo, Toon and a group of second year students who spend their free hours coming up with new concepts. They are also responsible for sourcing AMFI graduates who make items which are suitable for the store. by AMFI is a hybrid between a gallery and a retailer, which enables garments and objects to be sold as well as exhibited. During the next three days AMFI’s own fashion label iNDiViDUALS organises a stock sale at the store for example in combination with the photo exhibition.


Toon, Nienke (coordinator of Fashion & Visual Culture programme) and Orpheo at the opening. Photo by Stephanie Oonk.

by AMFI doesn’t completely close when Orpheo locks up the store. From next week till the last week of December, short fashion films will be displayed on a screen which descends from the ceiling. The films have been created by the Fashion & Visual Culture students during the second half of their programme. So walk past the store after your Sinterklaas or Christmas shopping and enjoy a little outside cinema!

Text by Jade Wilting, 2nd year International Fashion & Management student.

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