A suitcase full of memories: my internship abroad

To me, doing an internship always seemed like something that would happen in the far future. Nevertheless, same as doing my intake for AMFI, getting accepted and moving to Amsterdam — it becomes reality before you know it.

Article written by Sanne Nooitgedagt.


La Barceloneta in autumn


It’s November, yet my feet are touching the sand and the sun is lighting up my skin. I’m 100% relaxed, but also a bit scared when the realisation of time passing by hits me. It was only a few months ago that I was biking through Amsterdam when I read the email that METAL Magazine in Barcelona could use me as their editorial/web intern. METAL is an independent publishing project that offers a mix of fashion, photography and art – always with a focus on exploring something new that will inspire their readers. The excitement to go to Barcelona and the expectation of the options that this diverse magazine could offer me were big. Little did I know that reality turns out to be better than I could have ever imagined…

I turned 21 on the 16th of September and had never expected to have such a happy birthday in a new city, surrounded by a very nice group of people.

I turned 21 on the 16th of September and had never expected to have such a happy birthday in a new city, surrounded by a very nice group of people.

We all know cliché stories of the intern getting coffee and doing leftover tasks. Luckily, from my experience, this is not the case at all. My tasks mainly consist out of writing for I do interviews with inspiring creative people and I write about exhibitions, fashion campaigns and fashion shows. I didn’t think I would get this responsibility so soon, but on the second day, my first post already got published!

And ever since, I have been given great opportunities to expand my portfolio and to grow professionally as well as personally in this creative industry. In my second week, I went to the opening of Hermes’ new window display in Barcelona. For this assignment I did not only interview the artist that created it, but I also attended a cocktail party on a secret location afterwards, which enabled me to meet other interesting people. And some weeks ago I was at the launch party of the GucciGhost collection, during which I had a very inspiring interview with Trouble Andrew. It is amazing to be trusted to represent the magazine in a professional surrounding like that and to be able to learn the difference between a real-life and an email-interview.

There are a few main things I have learned from my internship so far: be patient, you need to get to know the company and the company needs to get to know you — even though I already got responsibilities, there were also many days in the first weeks where I didn’t have that much to do, which gave me a bad feeling. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback, I know this is what everyone says, but it’s true — at first I didn’t get any feedback, but my posts still got published. I was curious to know what they thought of my work, so I decided to ask for feedback and the answers have really helped me in my development and to gain confidence. Also don’t be afraid to ask for more challenges, you are there to learn and it’s your time to try and get a little taste of as many things as possible.


For me personally, being patient is the best advice to get. It takes some time to settle down in a new city, but I believe that when you show motivation and work ethic, good things come back to you. I know that life at AMFI sometimes can be a pain in the ass, but I can now say from experience that this study really prepares you for ‘the real world’. And, in my eyes, this ‘real world’ is actually pretty exciting. I work hard, but still have enough time to enjoy and explore an amazing city with new friends.

In the 2 months that I have been working for METAL, I really feel that I’ve become part of the brand and this is seen in the tasks I get assigned — I gained enough trust to be asked to go to Fashion Week in Tbilisi (Georgia) to replace the initial editor of METAL who couldn’t go, and to write about the designers for the website! Unfortunately it turned out to be too last minute to change the name + departure place of the ticket, so I couldn’t go. However, the fact that I am trusted to do this is promising very exciting opportunities for the next 3 months.

The Spanish culture taught me to live more in the moment and to do what everyone always says you should: enjoy! Your internship is a time that allows you to experiment, make mistakes, but above all, to create great memories. A big smile appears on my face when I look back on the progress I have made these first two months, but this smile gets even bigger if I think about the exciting opportunities ahead of me and the memories that are to be made over the coming 3 months, professionally as well as personally.

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