Sukwan returns from Concrete Jungle – Prepared for Graduation

A month ago, Sukwan Adriaanse, fourth-year AMFI-student and former member of the iNDiViDUALS team, returned from his internship at Alexander Wang in New York. Even though the past six months were quite a challenge, he finds being back at AMFI even more challenging.


After submitting a motivation letter, his portfolio, and mastering an interview, Sukwan got accepted to intern for Alexander Wang in January 2013. ‘I was so excited to work for one of the most upcoming brands in the fashion industry. Wang is only 29 and I was really keen on learning more about how he manages to be so successful in this tough fashion business.’

Before he went to New York, Sukwan already knew that he was not going to be responsible for just getting coffee and making photocopies. He would have never expected to have such a high level of input though. ‘I was very honored when a design I sketched, made the pattern for and sewed together, actually ended up in the Alexander Wang Resort 2014 collection without any changes being made.’ Only after returning to Europe and therewith back to reality, Sukwan realized what it actually meant when Assistant Designer Tina Shaw said to him: “How do you feel Suki? You got your own Wang!”

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Sukwan working on a pattern at his work space in New York.

Sukwan’s working hours were not for the faint-hearted, but New York, the never-sleeping city and the lively atmosphere at Wang kept him on the go. ‘Every morning I walked into the fashion house, I felt the energetic vibe surrounding me. New York is a magical place. You can smell opportunities everywhere.’ The pace of change was something Sukwan did not know from the Netherlands. ‘Dutch people are lazy in that way. We do not like changes’, he jokes.


Garment bags had to be prepared on time to be picked up for special orders for customers such as Rihanna, Drake or Karolina Kurkova.

Now, being back at AMFI, one would think that Sukwan is more relaxed than ever. He tells us the exact opposite. ‘Working for someone is kind of easy. You know what design principles the brand stands for. Now that I’m back at AMFI, it is all about my own vision again. After this internship, everyone expects a lot of me, so I feel very challenged to work on my own signature and realize it in my graduation collection.’

Text: Carolin Krings, 2nd year International Fashion & Management student.
Photos: Sukwan Adriaanse

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