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Photo by Tomek Dersu Aaron

Fashion Frontiers

AMFI is pioneering fashion frontiers to evolve the threads we spin and the garments we wear. Exchange student Louise Sonne Thaning spoke to researchers Laura Duncker and Joyce Vedder about […]

HUUB - 3D Virtual Prototyping - 3D Hypercraft AMFI 2016

3D Hypercraft & Lectra Awards 2016

Each semester AMFI organizes the Lectra Awards, a way to recognise the talent in our 3D Hypercraft programme. sat down with a few of this year’s prize winners to […]

3D virtual collection by AMFI student Laura Kirchner

3D Virtual Prototyping at AMFI

Over the last two years AMFI has developed a remarkable application of 3D virtual prototyping in its curriculum. An important aspect of this new way of working is the contribution […]