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Eleonora concept developing with her group, showing how important teamwork was throughout the process.

They hacked denim

AMFI students Eleonora Kalabokas and Renske Koster took part in the 48-hour event Denim Premiere Vision Hackathon. Their skills gained from the denim minor, as well as their ability to […]

iSKO Denim Innovation

Innovation in Denim with iSKO

Fourth-year International Fashion & Branding student Franziska Sauerwein was invited to partipate in a special denim innovation workshop after winning the iSKOOL marketing award last summer. Earlier this year me […]

Eroglu Showroom November 2014

Trip to Istanbul: at the roots of production

In November one hundred and forty second-year Fashion and Management students traveled to one of the hotspots of garment manufacturing: the great city of Istanbul. The main objective: learn about […]

A koi fish being lasered onto a pair of K.O.I jeans.

Denim and lasers: a perfect combination

Founded by Management alumnus Tony Tonnaer, denim brand Kings of Indigo (K.O.I.) joined forces with fellow Amsterdam-based brand Uncover Lab in the infamous department store de Bijenkorf to create something […]

Masters of Denim Portrait Series - AMFI Transit 2014 - WGSN Press

Masters of Denim – WGSN

Amsterdam Fashion Institute celebrates its local indigo heroes with a special exhibition paying tribute to AMFI alumni who have contributed to bring Amsterdam into the golden age of denim. (Tony […]