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Eleonora concept developing with her group, showing how important teamwork was throughout the process.

They hacked denim

AMFI students Eleonora Kalabokas and Renske Koster took part in the 48-hour event Denim Premiere Vision Hackathon. Their skills gained from the denim minor, as well as their ability to […]

Travis (in white shirt) and Eleonora (black dress) during the Award Ceremony when they won the ISKO denim competition (Photo taken from Travis’ Portfolio).

Life After A Win

What does winning a (student) competition do for your study career? And how does it change you as a student?  We spoke to International Fashion & Branding students Travis Rice […]

Converse EHQ

Inside the Nike & Converse EHQ

Last week a group of second year students led by Jo Watson and Casimir Morreau, were invited to Nike’s European headquarters. There they were treated to an afternoon of all […]

Eleonora Kalabokas

Learning to understand the Business of fashion

While the fashion world is signified by the beauty of creation and innovation, many first year students are weighed down by the unglamorous backside of the industry – the enormous, […]