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Isabel de Kievit (left) and Lindsey van Welzen (right)

Turning yourself into a brand

In the fourth semester of the Branding programme the students go on a more psychological route. Through the Brand Me project the students learn a lot  about themselves and about […]

travis main

A brand as a safe place for young queers

Graduation. For some students the most nerve wracking part of their study – for others a party. We follow three graduates in this semester. Branding graduate Travis Rice is creating […]

The art of retail!

London – playground for creativity

Two weeks ago the second-year Fashion & Branding students embarked on the journey to rainy England to get inspired by company visits, brands, exhibitions and the street. Celia Marie Freiling reports […]

Pascal Rotteveel - Rens

VICE x AMFI Fashion & Branding

The atmosphere was excited and jumpy in front of the VICE headquarters on the Regulierdwarsstraat as Fashion & Branding students from second, third and fourth year were getting together for […]

SMCP - Fashion Brand Second-Year

From Brand Book to Photo Shoot

In the second semester of second-year is all about Fashion Communication for Branding students. Individually, students create brands based on personal values and ambitions. In pairs, students concept a fashion […]