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By Kiersten Hay 001

Are you skirting with me?

This will be the last post on Garment, as the Independent Fashion Magazine programme has come to an end. On Saturday the 6th of July we celebrated our creation in […]


Blog: and the oscar goes to…

The announcement was made two weeks ago, but congratulations to TIGER DRAGON SLAYERS from the Underworld! They were the chosen favourite by the judges, but also most of the audience […]


New AMFI magazine in the making!

Last Thursday 35 students, divided in 6 editorial teams, presented their magazine concepts during the halfway presentationof the programme Independent Fashion Magazines. An independent jury will pick a concept that will […]

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Blog: competing with the clock

The end of the first half of the Magazine Programme is nearing. I can feel the sweat drops forming on my forehead, and my muscle tensing in my shoulders. I […]


Blog: square mag fixates itself

After an insanely inspiring photo styling class, we all dived into our own photo shoots and developed the basis, which we let metamorphose into something we could use for our […]