The end of my career

Written by Elizabeth Thomas


This July I graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, studying in the Branding department. A little over one fifth of my life has been spent in these halls and can be said they were best and worst of times, but nonetheless it is time to say farewell.




Elizabeths final exposition of her graduation project at AMFI NEXT 2018.


This summer opens a new chapter in my career and closes that of my AMFI career. Navigating my way through high school in one of the smallest countries in Europe, I was told to dismiss the idea of a bachelors in fashion. I mean, what is that really? Well, it turns out it’s a lot. It literally shapes how we identify ourselves and others, but also paves the way towards a future where creativity meets innovation. These have not been the easiest 4 years of my life, but they definitely have been rewarding. As I sign off, here is my personal message to all you funky fashion hungry students out there. Be it 1st or 4th year, and everything in-between.


Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 13.50.38


Rejoicing in the handing of Garment Magazine with Editorial Branding minor co-ordinator Frank Jurgens and fellow student Rachel Douglas.


Dear intake students, breathe. At this point we’re feeling you out as much as you’re feeling us out. You got an eye for detail and a mind that won’t quit? Do you partake in heavy arts and crafts? Are you frustrated or enamoured with this billion dollar industry? Us too! Just make us believe it and we’ll go from there. And a little portfolio never hurt nobody.


Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 13.51.42


Content from Sponsored magazine project semester 3, art directed by Elizabeth Thomas photography by Shannon Kanhai


Dear anyone who knows the colour wheel, I know you have learned about primary colours in grade school but you are not above that at AMFI. No no no. You will not only master colour and form, but most importantly you will learn to disrupt the norm. Fashion and art is a language we continue to learn in this 4 year career, but you can only fail if you do not continue the learning curve. Which brings me to my next point.


Much like age, size and weight, I have learned to not shrink myself down to a number. Personal learning curves are more important than a sole grade. Though personal goals are great and you should always be motivated to achieve something, do not compare yourself to others, especially others grades. Instead, push yourself and really reflect on your work. What went wrong or did you do well? What can you do different next time? In the end it comes down to how you, and others view yourself as a fashion professional and in that sense the ball is always in your court.


Dear future graduation students, savour this moment! This was an extremely hyped up semester for a lot of stressful reasons but in hindsight it was by far the most special. It is not every day or even year that you get the final say in how a project is to be researched, concepted and executed. It’s also not every day that you get so much feedback from industry professionals and are surrounded by inspiring peers who brighten up any hallway or lecture. Those short 20 weeks are your moment to throw yourself from the AMFI nest and into the ‘real world’, where there is no quality coaching feedback moment or intercom voice telling you to leave the library at 8:30pm.


Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 13.49.49


Farewell AMFI!


This Summer I’m flying from the AMFI nest but I’m not sure where I’m landing. Just know this; I’ve got plans for in 5 years and plans for tonight.


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