Fashion Editorial Branding students get a hot start

On April 6th four editorial brands developed in four weeks were revealed at byAMFI. In the Fashion & Editorial Branding minor at AMFI, four teams of ten students each created a 360-degree editorial brand. This included a zero issue of a printed magazine and a full marketing communication strategy. Students also created content and teasers such as videos, gifs, apps, websites and social media mockups as part of the launch. Four editorial concepts were presented – one fiery one was eventually chosen to build on over the next ten weeks. Read on to find out the rest.

Introducing BED, Phaux, Wander & Wonder and Madame Jeanette:

Coming to BED? Fashion Editorial Branding

Coming to BED? This concept celebrated the way we all feel when we’re in bed. The way we would aspire to feel everywhere, all the time. Nothing to hide nor fear and being nothing else but yourself. No matter how you choose to express yourself, whether it’s the way your dress or the work you do, BED promises not to judge. Their zero issue was aptly dubbed “I woke up like this”.

Phaux - Fashion Editorial Branding

Next came Phaux. This fashion editorial brand was created as the embodiment of your BFF that will always have your back. It’s your support through an all-nighter, not forgetting those bottles of wine and slices of pizza. Phaux draws outside the lines because there’s more space out there. Fashion for Phaux is full of fat, carbs and gluten – break the rules and swallow them!

Wonder Wander Fashion Editorial Branding

Wander & Wonder is a concept that takes a leap into the unknown. At the launch the oversized zero issue could be viewed beneath a container with water, encouraging the spectators to look at the world in new ways. Accept the given, but at the same time explore new possibilities. Although knowledge is found online, wisdom is found offline. The brand believes we grow through experimentation and satisfy our minds with rediscovery, so they invited us to take a first step in our journey by introducing inspirational personalities and asking thought-provoking questions.

MJ - Fashion & Editorial Branding

Madame Jeanette is hottest in town and on the shelves – a refreshingly spicy kick-in-the-pants. Try it, they dare you. The brand was created from the discovery that people in the fashion industry want to rediscover their love for fashion by having fun with it for once. Providing a breath of fresh air in the overwhelming sea of seriousness, the brand offers relevant industry news in unexpected and very entertaining ways. Moreover, it’s a platform for talented and bold newcomers to get introduced to the industry. Always in the know, but never be bored.

Madame Jeanette - Fashion Editorial Branding

The launch event showed that the motley crews designed and executed many great ideas and beautiful products in the short two fortnights. In the end, there was only room to pursue one of the editorial brands over the next ten weeks. The forty students and a jury of teachers and industry professionals chose Madame Jeanette for its piquant tone of voice and versatile foundation to build on.

What’s next? All 40 students are now exploring the core of Madame Jeanette’s identity and creating bold content for the launch of the revamped brand, including a website, social media platforms and a print magazine.
Are you ready to start dealing with fashion’s sobriety one shot of Madame Jeanette at a time? Stay tuned for the dates of the launch event at the end of June, naturally including a smashing afterparty. In the meantime check out the website & social media platforms launching this week. Soon you can pre-order your copy of Madame Jeanette at Check out Instagram and sneak a peek on Snapchat: mmejeanette

Natasha Gintowt - AMFI

Madame Jeanette - Snapchat mmejeanette

Take a picture of this Snapcode to add Madame Jeanette on Snapchat.

Article by third-year International Fashion & Branding student Natasha Gintowt, Editor-in-chief of the new editorial brand Madame Jeanette. 

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