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On January 11,  fifteen fashion designers presented their graduation concepts and collections at the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam. 

The graduating group, aptly named The New Authority, boldly departed from what we know to be ‘traditional’ fashion presentation. In the spirit of democratising an industry filled with shallowness and dupes, the open installations and interactive experiences emphasised their stories, not their status.

Scroll through some photographs from Team Peter Stigter taken at the event. 

PHOTO © 2016 TEAM PETER STIGTER - Atmosphere New Authority Kromhouthal

Visitors enter the Kromhouthal to interact with the fashion presentations and installations.



Reconnected to Roots | Gerian Kavishe’s collection brings together Tanzanian and Dutch cultures, sometimes smoothly, and sometimes with friction.


Photo © Team Peter Stigter - Nita Riekwiel - The New Luxury

The New Luxury | Nita Riekwiel brought together hand-craft and high-tech in the great outdoors with her concept and design for Isabel Marant.


PHOTO © 2016 TEAM PETER STIGTER - Marije Kampfraath

Calm in the Turmoil | Marije Kampfraath’s prints show us a chaotic world filled with fear through an artist’s eyes.


PHOTO © 2016 TEAM PETER STIGTER - Mirona Meseure

Pause, Relax & Think | TEN, Mirona Meseure’s sub-brand for Goosecraft, goes back to the roots of the product and showcases the timelessness of simplicity in design.



Poetic Assemblage | Katy Grieve shows us that the ‘typical’ garment takes on a strange new meaning when we interpret fashion in the context of performance art.


PHOTO © 2016 TEAM PETER STIGTER - Despina Markopolou

Human Bait | Despina Markopolou’s installation invites us to Join the Yuccie on his exploration of his individuality amidst manipulative marketing tactics.


PHOTO © 2016 TEAM PETER STIGTER - Madina Ahadi

A Dance of the Seven Veils | Madina Ahadi’s feminine lingerie collection invites us to consider the veil’s rich historical past.


PHOTO © 2016 TEAM PETER STIGTER - Ariëlle van der Vaart

Invisible Force | Nothing is as it seems. Each single garment can be transformed and worn in two or more styles. Ariëlle van der Vaart’s black basics live longer than one fashion season.


PHOTO © 2016 TEAM PETER STIGTER - Elham Ibrahim

We Dream When We’re Awake | Elham Ibrahim challenges us with the uncanny feeling of paranoia by manipulating innocent reality into something threatening.


PHOTO © 2016 TEAM PETER STIGTER - Debbie van Dam

Die Selbstseher | Expressionist painter Egon Schiele’s portraits inspired Debbie van Dam’s collection, reminding us of the eternal vitality fashion brings about.


PHOTO © 2016 TEAM PETER STIGTER Elina Martherus

Ample Minds Without Refection | Exemplifying the art of craft, Eline Martherus shows the longevity and soul inherent to an exploratory process.


PHOTO © 2016 TEAM PETER STIGTER - Amber Slooten Fashion Design

The Fourth Dimension Today | A garment doesn’t have to be physical to exist in Amber Slooten’s projection-mapped 3D fashion performance.


PHOTO © 2016 TEAM PETER STIGTER - Sacha van de Kandelaar

A Tension Please | Sacha van de Kandelaar shows us what it’s like to live in a world with a never-ending feeling of tension.


PHOTO © 2016 TEAM PETER STIGTER - Rosa van der Horst

Unity Community | In this world of unspoken segregation, Rosa van der Horst’s concept combines elements from African tribes and Dutch folkloric culture.


PHOTO © 2016 TEAM PETER STIGTER -Christiaan de Vries Fashion Design

I Can Be Anything | Many other models looked on as visitors started to explore Christiaan de Vries’ interactive facial mapping installation.

Come see more from our fashion talent, including graduation work from Design, Management and Branding students at our event AMFI Transit 2016 on Friday July 1.

Article by Fashion & Branding lecturer Kimberly Waldbillig.

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